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Shipping Container Accommodation: Here’s what you should look at first

by Container Traders

Shipping Container Accommodation: Here’s what you should look at first Shipping Container Accommodation: Here’s what you should look at first

With a high surge in the trend of downsizing and minimising possessions, there is an even larger trend pattern developing with shipping container accomodation. Affordable, transportable and easily modified, shipping containers are the seemingly perfect example of minimalist living.

But what do you need to do to get one for yourself?

How to obtain or make your own accomodation will depend on a few different factors – primarily, purpose, budget and location. Luckily, Container Traders are able to ship containers anywhere, anytime within Australia, so we have you covered there! However, there still are a few more points to consider so before you begin getting quotes on container pricing, it’s a good idea to have the following points answered:

For what purpose will you be using the container for? This might seem like an obvious one, but is it for you to live in by yourself? A family of four? A couple or single on a mine site? A family in a remote location? Having this first question answered means you can pinpoint exactly what accessories you might need or want, and what sized container/s you should be looking for.

What location will you be placing the container? There are a couple of reasons why this is important – namely, you will need to research the local council laws and guidelines regarding shipping containers and where they are or aren’t allowed to be. This information is often easily found on their websites, or with one quick phone call. Another part location plays is in the cost. Transporting a container to a remote location may be fine for a once off cost, but if you plan on moving around a lot, this will need to be taken into consideration for your budget.

What is your budget? For some, budget may not even be an issue – but for most this can be one of the biggest factors in what container you end up with, in size and accessories. Not only is there a vast range of options to choose from (more on that later), you need to take into account how each accessory could, or should be installed.

Each component of modification to a shipping container needs to be taken into serious consideration before you begin a project, as you would with any sort of construction – and this all helps when you’re getting quotes so you know you are comparing apples with apples! Next week, we will be delving into the accessories associated with Shipping Container Accomodation, and the final say on what information you need to make the best container for your needs!

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