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Secure Storage for the Christmas Period

by Container Traders

Christmas Container Storage Secure Storage for the Christmas Period

Whether you need storage for personal use or business use, a shipping container can be your own saviour during the Christmas period. Known for being the busiest time of the year, sales go up and therefore we have a collection of either (a) personal Christmas items around - most likely taking up space after December, or (b) Christmas overstock just waiting to be sold.  If you love Christmas - like us all - and deck out your house, gardens and sheds with lights or general festive decorations, chances are you really need a storage space for all these things after the 25th of December. A shipping container is perfect, as it is for most storage needs, because you’re not limited to height or length - you have the option of either a 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft container in both a general purpose standard height or an extra foot in a high cube container. And when it comes to the modifications, you can really make a container perfect for housing your decorations with custom shelving. Easy to read labels and finding every colour or size you want to use with properly sized shelves; you could even create specific shelving - or hooks, simply to store lights without having to get them tangled every year.  Christmas Container Storage

But the modifications aren’t only for personal use containers - you can easily use any accessory or modification mentioned above in a business container to make surplus stock easier to find, potentially converting this time saving into extra sales. And not only custom shelving, but you could also add in an electrical fit out with lighting and/or air-conditioning, to make your staff’s, or your, life easier. An easy and effective modification is waiting or adding signage to the exterior of your container - why not turn that large space into an enormous ad for your business? And we haven't forgotten retail businesses to! If you need your equipment or machinery on site fast to take advantage of the excellent customers appearing at this time, a simple shipping container onsite can be the perfect place to store all your tables, chairs and accessories needed. Or do you need to store or transport left over Christmas trees? We've got you covered.

Christmas Container Storage

All in all, we know that shipping containers are really the only way to store any sort of items - especially Christmas stock, over the festive period or afterwards. With the easiest large storage to transport, and security add ons like lock boxes, why not get yourself a container today? Just call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70.

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