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School Canteen… Container?

by Container Traders

School Canteen… Container? School Canteen… Container?

When you’re short on funds, and need a canteen for say, a school, or sporting field, did you know you can always use a shipping container? As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, a shipping container lends itself early to many applications, and this is definitely one of them - with gusto! A canteen, for those reading in another country, is what Australian’s typically call a building used for selling inexpensive, or snack foods - which is why they’re a common feature at primary and high schools, university and TAFE campuses, mining camps, events and worksites. 


The effective canteen container

The ability of a shipping container to be manufactured and modified off-site, then delivered easily to it’s new home, lends itself to be the perfect canteen solution to minimise the cost of building traditionally. The added bonus with this is also that you can quickly change the placement of the canteen, or even take it off site and use it elsewhere as quite simply as putting it onto a truck! And as shipping containers are made with sturdy and reliable steel - they’re built to withstand the Australian temperatures and weather, so with only a little upkeep, can be expected to live for 20+ years. The ease with which they can be installed is simple and effective - shipping containers can be placed just about anywhere, and often with no foundation.

(Check this with your shipping container specialist when organising the delivery.)


Canteen abilites

But the customisation options are the real beauty of a shipping container canteen. Not only can you hook up, water, gas and electrical connections to be able to cook anything needed; you can also add in windows, personal access doors, roller doors, and serving windows. They can be outfitted with anything you’re imagination can come up with, from a simple serving canteen to a full scale working kitchen! 


So if you’re after a shipping container kitchen, call the Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 to hook you up today!

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