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Preparing your Site for a Shipping Container Delivery

by Container Traders

Preparing your Site for a Shipping Container Delivery Preparing your Site for a Shipping Container Delivery

One of the most commonly asked questions by customers in the shipping container industry is ‘How do I prepare my site?’ – so today we’re going to clear this up. When you make the decision to buy or hire a shipping container, you need to plan your site according to the containers – and your own – requirements. In saying this, you don’t need to be overly worried or stressed, site preparation can be quite easy, and you just need to make sure you have covered the main aspects before the container/s are delivered. Following are the common questions and issues that we find today.

Can you put the Shipping Container directly onto the ground?

This is based on personal preference – if the situation calls for it, you can definitely put a container directly onto the ground, however you do need to make sure that the ground is completely level. For more information on levelling, check out our delivery page.

I want the doors of my container to be easy to open.

Making sure the container is totally and completely level will definitely ensure that your container doors are easy to open. The type of container you buy can affect the doors’ ability, so it is always a good idea to buy from a reputable company, like Container Traders for instance, who only sell the higher quality containers. The main focus on levelling for doors is to make sure the corner casts are all level; however you choose to do it.

I’m getting containers delivered for a shelter, what do I need to do?

Container placement for shelters is a whole different kettle of fish, as you need to ensure the containers are placed on 1) a level surface like all containers need to be; and 2) at the correct width apart for the size shelter you have purchased. 

Have you had any rain lately?

The ground and road conditions can affect the container site preparation and delivery adversely, if you have for instance, had a large amount of wet weather. Keep in mind a shipping container is an extremely heavy delivery, even an empty container, so it can make the delivery of your container difficult for the driver, with a risk of the truck getting stuck on the road, or bogged on site.

Are there overhanging powerlines, trees or eaves?

One of the main questions our shipping container specialists must ask every time they book in a job with a customer – is about the site vegetation, or any overhanging parts of surrounding buildings, like eaves. Take a good look around your property, especially the driveway and area you want to place the container, and check there are no overhanging power lines, trees or eaves.

Have you thought about the method of delivery?

A great idea is to take into consideration how the container needs to be delivered before you book one. There are many methods to get a container on-site, usually involving a tilt tray, side loader or Hi-Ab truck but which one will depend on the location and surrounding areas around placement. To read more on which kind of truck you may need, see our delivery page.

These are the most common queries and problems customers face when they are thinking about site preparation. Remember if you have any further questions or concerns to call up our friendly team at Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70.

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