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Positioning Shipping Containers for a Shelter

by Container Traders

Positioning Shipping Containers for a Shelter Positioning Shipping Containers for a Shelter

Container Shelters are a popular storage solution for outdoor equipment that can’t fit into shipping containers. Not only are they easy to install and highly durable, but they are specifically made for Australian wind ratings.

Container Shelters feature a waterproof, UV Stabilised 250GSM Polyethylene fabric cover – which has a low flammability index – and a minimum thickness of around 0.46mm, which provides the best cover for your equipment. The steel frame is galvanised and bolted together for the strongest arch possible and the cover is also ratcheted for you to be able to tighten the tension, so no pooling or loose spots appear, which will give your shelter the longest life possible.

Because shelters are so customisable, there are a variety of layouts you can use to create the best storage space for your equipment. Shipping containers can be stacked or assembled door to door, and the shelters themselves come in a wide variety of sizes, heights and widths depending on your needs. We suggest noting down the options and measurements on paper, to make it easier for you to get the best configuration for your shelter & space. Below are 3 of the more common types of Container layout:

The best part of a shelter is how quickly they are assembled – and how easily. It is a simple five step method to put a shelter up:

  1. Measurement
    Measure the space where you want the shipping containers and shelter to sit. The containers should be positioned to the exact width of the Shelter span – measuring at the tops of the containers.
    After noting the measurements on paper, it’s a good idea to use string or spray paint where the containers need to be placed, to make it easier during delivery.
    Also – a very slight tilt on containers to the outside edge will assist in the shedding water away.
  2. Base Plate Welding/Top Rail Welding
    Place the provided base plates onto your shipping container and weld them on. Base Rail Brackets are supplied for all different shelter types and applications with either a shipping container mount or a wall/pole mount.
  3. Hoops
    Assemble the hoops on the ground to form the arch of your shelter
  4. Hoop Installation
    Install the assembled hoops onto the base plates
  5. Tension
    The last step is to pull the cover over and use the ratchets to create as much tension as possible.

The ease and ability to install both the Shipping Containers and the Shelters makes shelters perfect for your mining or farm equipment & storage.

And remember – Container Traders are always here to help! Please ring the friendly team on 1300 89 89 70 if you have any questions or queries on Shelters.

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