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Party... in a Shipping Container

by Container Traders

party in a side open container Party... in a Shipping Container

We’ve been through so many different modifications that you can create from the humble shipping container - most of them easy, and all of them unique. From personal use to business use, a shipping container can fit any purpose - and parties are no exception! Around this time of year, both individuals and companies are organising and trying to create gatherings and parties for small and large groups, whether it be for going away parties, Christmas parties, New Years parties, or just a party!

But how do you create a fun space from a shipping container?

As with most shipping container modifications, it’s all in the accessories. Look at what you’re trying to create, who you’re creating it for, and your budget. Your budget will most likely determine the type of space you create, from either a single, 40ft high cube container to hold a small gathering - to a maze created from 5 different shipping containers. So what do you need?  party in a side open container

The party benefits of a shipping container

Because containers are so easily transported, you can have your gathering anywhere a truck can reach! You would most likely need a high cube container, so anyone human can stand comfortably, and the container length will depend on what space you have available to you - but also how many people you have attending. A larger party could need a few 40’ containers, whereas a small gathering could only need a 20’ container. And modifications will also vary on what you’re looking to include. A great idea is to add in side-opening doors, or remove one side of the container to create a fantastic alfresco setting! You could also go all out with personal access doors, windows or electrical fit-outs, or you could only need the shell of the container, and decorate it with furniture and temporary lighting. The advantage of keeping a party container simple would be that you’ve then got the container to reuse for anything else - like storage, or another party!

party in a side open container party in a side open container

Starting an event company?

Side opening containers like these are perfect to hire just for this type of situation, also saving you capital on buying a container outright. Event companies are more likely to buy shipping containers for their own stock, so as not to miss out on tight deadlines, but hiring is a great option for a single Christmas party!  So next time you’re trying to organise a party or event space that’s unique and affordable, call Container Traders to get a container to you on 1300 89 89 70!

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