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Mining Exploration – Transportation & Storage

by Container Traders

Mining Exploration – Transportation & Storage Mining Exploration – Transportation & Storage

Mining Exploration covers all facets of the mining industry from actual exploration through to mining, processing and transport. As the demands for mineral resources, energy and water continue, companies are increasingly looking for an environmentally friendly solution to transporting specialised equipment that needs to be mobile and often secured.

High value geological and mining equipment needs to be carefully transported and stored in a secure and weather proof area – and a Shipping Container is perfect for this. The Container Traders are able to organise a container delivery anywhere in Australia, from Darwin to Perth and everywhere in between as the most cost-effective option for any situation.

In the mining industry, various sizes and types of containers are used from standard 20’ or 40’ to Dangerous Goods Containers, and we can offer any sort of container that is needed, delivered to site efficiently and safely. When the equipment has been safely deposited on-site, you can turn the container into a storage facility for large equipment or easily into a storeroom with the use of shelving to store any products or samples.

It is a safe, low cost way to transport and store mining wares with little to no impact on the environment as it is easily picked up and taken away again when exploration is complete.

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