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Lockboxes: The unsung hero of security

by Container Traders

Lockboxes: The unsung hero of security Lockboxes: The unsung hero of security


Have you heard about lockboxes? Or know what they do? When you purchase or hire a shipping container, chances are, you have done so to protect or keep items or equipment as safe as possible during transport or storage, right? This is the case with almost all container users - and rightly so. A shipping container is the perfect place to store absolutely anything, with the steel frame, sides, and doors, the weather proofing and vermin proof exterior, and all the other inclusions you can so easily add in. What could possibly make a shipping container any more secure?


Lockboxes are the answer to being able to tighten security on your container, when you need to ensure that there is no possible way for your items to be stolen or damaged in any way. Although you can use a regular padlock on a shipping container door, if the persons looking to steal or damage your items or equipment are organised, they may have a bolt cutter, which means your valuables are no longer as safe as the were.

So how does a lockbox work?


A lockbox is a simple mechanism that often comes with brand new containers, when bought from a reputable dealer, like Container Traders. They are steel plates, assembled and welded into a cover, which fits over the padlock - and by covering the padlock, created a confined space around it, impenetrable by bolt cutter, and only opened by key. Although they are normally welded onto the container body during manufacture, you are able to have one easily installed after manufacture, wither by welding or attaching it with bolts.


As everything is kept to ISO standard, these handy accessories are considered a must have when purchasing a shipping container - if not only for your piece of mind. Any container that will be travelling long distances, or left alone in storage fro long periods of time, really should have a lock box to ensure all your precious valuables are safe and sound.

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