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Insulated Shipping Containers – The Differences

by Container Traders

Insulated Shipping Containers – The Differences Insulated Shipping Containers – The Differences

Most people wouldn’t ordinarily realise that there is a difference between an insulated container when you intend to live in it versus when you only need to store items. The key variation lies in the life the container had before its intended purpose. Often our customers are searching for a container they would like to live or work in and think that a Non-Operational Refrigerated Container will be enough – however because of the different types of insulation, this container will not commonly show significant reduction or improvement in temperature and will not reduce sound as a Bondor® insulated Shipping Container would.

For example, a container that is needed for some sort of living purpose, like an on-site office, or shipping container home; really should have a specific type of insulation called Bondor® insulation. Bondor® is Australia’s leader in thermal building solutions and the manufacture of lightweight architectural insulation panels. Every shipping container fitted with the double skinned aluminium core-filled EPS panels increase the R-value for thermal and acoustic efficiency – perfect for any living situation! This also helps to moderate interior temperatures in your modified container and leaves a visually appealing flat interior finish. The containers that can have the Bondor® insulation installed in them and used for these sort of modification jobs are usually new build containers, and while this can add an extra cost, it can also extend the life of the project you’re using the containers for. 

On the flip side of this is a Non-Operational Refrigerated container (which is also known as an NOR). An NOR is a decommissioned refrigerated container, where the machinery that cools has been taken out, or simply isn’t working any more. These containers are perfect for storage purposes, as internally they’re made from stainless steel and alloy, which allows them to keep regulated temperatures even though the machinery is gone. These containers by default are generally older, around 20 to 30 years old as they have already lived life as a working refrigerated container. Here at Container Traders, we also offer upgrading your Insulated container to include a paint job externally so cosmetically they will present well for your property. An insulated container can present with minor surface rust from its shipping life.  When we paint a shipping container, the unit is placed into our experienced production line and receives a full refurbish prior to paint. We do this with a wire buff of all the surface rust and give the unit a primer prior to placing it in the paint bay. Once the refurbishment is completed, the painters paint the container in an anti-corrosive enamel for a long-lasting effect.

If you’re interested in either a Non-Operational Refrigerated Container for storage or a full modification of a Standard Shipping Container, why not give Container Traders a call on 1300 89 89 70 and talk to our experienced team!

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