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The Inside Scoop on Shipping Container Homes

by Container Traders

The Inside Scoop on Shipping Container Homes The Inside Scoop on Shipping Container Homes

5 Shipping Container Home Conversions You Can Stay In

Did someone say ‘the perfect getaway’? Yes! We did! The stunning and unique container homes on this epic list are open for business – quite literally. Immerse yourself in the unmatched experience offered by shipping container conversions, in some of Australia’s most breathtaking locations. Spend a day, week or month at any of these properties and we guarantee you’ll want to stay longer. And if you leave with inspiration to build your own container home then get in touch with our team today. We have been responsible for a number of incredible container conversions across Australia, helping clients realise their dreams – and we’re more than happy to help you realise yours, too!

1. Eco Container Home – Victoria

Luxury Shipping Container Home COnversion Kilcunda

Located in Kilcunda, just two hours from Melbourne CBD, this container home exudes modernity and luxury, sleeps four guests comfortably, has all the amenities you could ever need and is located in prime proximity to the beach. A full kitchen, bathrooms, separate sleeping spaces and a large outdoor area have all been achieved through creative conversion of a few humble shipping containers. If you didn’t have a desire to live in a converted container, you will now.  At Container Traders we’re able to modify just about anything you want, including wall adding coverings, air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and electrical – so you, too, can have the container home of your dreams. 

Luxury Shipping Container Home Conversion Kilcunda

2. “The Container” – Tasmania

Lilydale Luxury Shipping COntainer Villa Home Conversion

Just 20 minutes from Launceston, this luxury Lilydale container home is nestled into nature and offers an eclectic escape for visitors. Featuring luxurious amenities, a king size bed, outdoor dining areas and an outdoor bathroom, this property has been constructed from predominantly recycled materials and demonstrates the immense amount of potential offered by shipping container re-use. If you’d like to create a home similar to this one, contact the helpful team at Container Traders today! We are with you every step of the way to make sure your design dreams become realities. In the meantime, why not book a stay at this fantastic eco-home and see what is possible in the world of container conversion. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Lilydale Luxury Shipping COntainer Villa Home Conversion 

3. Deluxe Container Retreat – South Australia

Kangarilla Luxury Tiny Home Shipping Container Conversion

This cosy and luxurious container conversion is located in prime position, on the foot of a vineyard in the McLaren Vale wine region, Kangarilla. 40 minutes from Adelaide Airport and only a short drive (or walk) to stunning restaurants, wineries and cafes; this property really does have it all. Transformed from one large steel box into a breathtaking retreat, this home offers guests a chance to witness simple yet effective shipping container modification, without actually feeling like they’re in a shipping container. Get in touch with our team to discuss cost-effective and high end modifications to help you create the most innovative and comfortable space possible.

Kangarilla Luxury Tiny Home Shipping Container Conversion

4. Rome Villa – Victoria

Clifftop Luxury Shipping COntainer Villa Home Conversion

This ‘super-luxury’ escape in Hepburn’s Clifftop Villa Complex is the mesmerising romantic getaway you’ve always imagined. After being totally converted to include an outdoor sauna, daybeds, glass floors, funky technology and couture furnishings, the Rome villa stands as a testament to the humble shipping container. Fully transformed into a travel oasis, this property truly highlights that no modification is off-limits and provides inspiration to those currently considering (and those not yet considering) converting a shipping container into a home or living space. Contact us to discuss pricing and get more information – whether you want luxury or simple comforts, we’ll confidently deliver exactly what you want.

Clifftop Luxury Shipping COntainer Villa Home Conversion

5. The Shipping Container Experience – Victoria

Shipping Container Home COnversion Granny Flat

Extremely authentic, ideally located and well-appointed, this White Gum Valley container space is a short walk or drive from Fremantle’s shops, cafes, markets and restaurants. This property proves that container conversions don’t need to be lavish to be beautiful or practical. Unleash a desire for container conversion by witnessing the stunning simplicity that can be implemented to create usable and internally unrecognisable living spaces – then contact Container Traders so we can help you achieve these results, too. Add desks, bunk beds, lighting, storage, bathrooms and kitchenettes to create the space of your dreams. 

Shipping Container Home COnversion Granny Flat

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