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How using a Shipping Container can create a successful Entrepreneur

by Container Traders

How using a Shipping Container can create a successful Entrepreneur How using a Shipping Container can create a successful Entrepreneur

When designing, launching, and running a small business, entrepreneurs often require a certain set of capabilities and conditions in order to see and exploit a business vision or inspiration. These conditions, or capabilities can, and often will, change from person to person, depending on outside factors like personality, financial or real estate markets and laws and regulations.

There is a way, however, for the aspiring mogul to create and reproduce a lot of the contributing factors in becoming a successful entrepreneur – and a shipping container can easily help with this.

When creating an emerging or smaller business, you need vision and inspiration – and to get vision and inspiration, you need to be in a comfortable, powerful space that fills your every business and sometimes personal needs. Enter the shipping container! We’ve identified the three main aspects of a container that really helps create the area you need to turn dreams into reality.

1. Isolation – in your own Backyard

Frank Ocean once said, “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” Your best work is often completed in silence, or quiet, and there is more and more research lately that shows with distractions and interruptions becoming a common part of the workday, we don’t think about excessive noise anymore, just deal with it and wonder why our concentration ebbs. A shipping container can help you shut out the noise – both literally and figuratively.

Placing the container in remote locations for long periods of time ensures literal silence from the outside world – and a definite improvement on focus in order to help create your best work and make the best decisions. Another idea is to place the container somewhere closer – for instance, your backyard – where WIFI access is available! And if you have customised your container correctly, then you will be able to cut out the hustle and bustle. Which brings us to the next point: customisation.

2. Customisation of any Container

The beauty of shipping containers is the endless options available for customisation. You can turn a shipping container into anything you wish, or need. In this instance, most aspiring entrepreneurs will need a soundproof office to begin their business journey. There are a few modifications that first come to mind when creating a shipping container office, a personal access door and at least one window. Remember to plan these modifications and the location of the container at the same time – so you know that any doors or windows will be able to be used!

Another modification to add in would be an electrical fit out, air conditioning or heating, and (if needed), plumbing. When planning these changes to the container, consider the amount of soundproofing or insulation needed in the container, how much sound you do (or don’t) want. A rarely talked about accessory to a shipping container is appropriate furniture and styling. Furniture that has more than one use or is able to fold, move or repurpose is the most logical furniture to include in order to create the most comfortable space possible. For more on this, read our post here.

3. Transport a container absolutely anywhere

The location of the container will entirely depend on the situation of the entrepreneur/s. Are you short on funds and need the container to stay in your backyard? Or maybe a parent who needs to keep an eye on the kids, while maintaining a separate workspace? Or do you need the container to be moved to a totally remote location in the middle of Australia in order to study the fauna for a grant? In any of these circumstances, a shipping container is the best source of mobile shelter, being cost effective and easily transported all over Australia (even to the outlying islands!)

So if you’re an motivated entrepreneur, ring the Container Traders office today on 1300 89 89 70 to discuss the shipping container that would best suit your needs!

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