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How Using a Shipping Container benefits your Business

by Container Traders

How Using a Shipping Container benefits your Business How Using a Shipping Container benefits your Business

Shipping containers are beneficial in all facets of life – especially when used in business. From simple bulk storage to highly customisable workspaces, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to show you many of the reasons to use containers for your next venture.

More bulk storage

With regulated boxes and pallet sizes, there are many ways to fit your extra stock into a container for storage – and with specialised containers like the Side Opening Shipping Container, you could access any pallet from any angle, making the costs associated with packing and unpacking significantly cheaper.

Seasonal stock storage

Have Christmas stock that you didn’t sell, don’t want to sell at ridiculously low prices but nowhere to store it? A shipping container will fit in perfectly to your work life by storing all these stock items for you – and it doesn’t have to be onsite if you don’t have the space. Only have the space for one container? The perfect solution is to stack them on top of each other to create even more space!

Retail backroom flexibility

Speaking of onsite storage, if you need the items stored to be easily shipped between retail stores, a shipping container will be the best, and often cheapest, option. Retail stores including big fashion enterprises are jumping on this trend as the easiest way to pack and unpack when staff are available, without paying extra for after hours wages, then shipping the items needed between their stores by truck or rail, quickly and cheaply.

Reduce risk and cost when expanding

Not only are you able to save money when purchasing a shipping container versus using traditional renting or infrastructure, but the resell value of containers if kept in good condition also reduce the risk and costs of business expansion, and keep the cash in the company. Reducing risk when starting a business is paramount, and often there is not a lot of capital. A shipping container can deal with these problems with not only the resell values, but also storage for excessive stock if owners misinterpret customer demand, or yet again, easily adding more storage quickly and cheaply when needed simply by stacking the containers.

Stacking it up

Shipping containers are the ultimate business tool for those companies with stock storage needs. Not only are containers bought from a reputable company like Container Traders always sold wind, water and vermin proof; they are easily stacked. Stacking containers and locking them at the corner casts uses much less ground space and adding in simple stairs or walkways can make the storage convenient as well as easily accessed.

Convenient workspaces

Need an onsite office? Or a quiet art space? Shipping Containers lend themselves to workspaces with the utmost ease – for any type of application in any field of work. The benefits of a container apply to everyone – keeping the container isolated away from the public, or placing them in the public eye to draw customers in to the unusual shop, shipping containers are a point of difference to your competitors by far.

Highly customisable

Whether the shipping container is used for a workspace, or for storage, the one thing all applications have in common is how they can be easily customised to create a space that is exactly what you require – from an empty space with shelving to an entire office fit out with electricity, furniture, air conditioning, shelving, windows, personal access doors, sliding doors and plumbing; the possibilities are endless. And the best thing about all the customising options that are out there, is that they are all significantly less expensive that using a traditional building.

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