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How to Use Shipping Containers for Promotions

by Container Traders

How to Use Shipping Containers for Promotions How to Use Shipping Containers for Promotions

As large format advertising, shipping containers are the one of the easiest and greatest ways to promote and publicize your business. They immediately catch the eye (especially with a well-designed campaign), and can be placed in different areas that spark more interest. But there are some modifications and ads that have catapulted the business into the spotlight, and therefore more sales. The terrific thing about this is that you, too can use your container to do this!

Containers Catch your Eye

Creative ideas flow and the possibilities endless with technology, design and the limitless modifications and accessories that a shipping container provides. The nature of a shipping container can often inspire to create more than standard marketing and design, by using unexpected materials and creating something you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with a container. Make an impact, and stay current with trends and events by constantly changing the look if needed – the ease of container modifications means you can be agile with trends and stay relevant.

What you can do to your container

There are many options when altering or adding to your container, and mostly this will depend on your needs and your budget. Painting is a great start, as it can often be the cheapest modification, that really packs a marketing punch. If your creation needs flat sides to come to life, another option is to have canvas printed to size and use it with Banner Track or Welded & Eyeleted Edges to attach it to the container.

Consider hiring a street artist to really make your container/s stand out – like Swiss based street artist duo Nevercrew, who painted an astronaut on containers for the See Through / See Beyond at the Start Festival. The two-month festival is a collaborative platform for street artists from India and around the world to transform urban landscapes into art installations murals and performances, and is now a great example of original, inspired container painting!

A Different kind of Container Food

Food service and on-site hospitality with full kitchen fit outs means that a standard shipping container modification can turn into a fantastically different way to serve standard food. The Del Popolo Pizza Truck in the USA is made from a shipping container that’s mounted to a freight truck – and the owner Jon Darsky makes his special, Neapolitan pizza, in the 2,500kg woodfire brick oven built inside, on the go!

Pop Up Container Benefits

It can be up to 80% cheaper to open a shipping container pop up store than a traditional long-term store, as the lease terms are much shorter and the spaces smaller, so mostly the rent is lower, if there at all. One of the bigger benefits is planting your pop up store anywhere – just check with your local council first.

One of the larger companies to already take advantage of this great advertisement is H&M – one summer they parked a modified shipping container on a beach in Hague. The promotion was in line with the beach wear they were selling – and they donated partial proceeds to WaterAid, an international organisation that provides safe water and sanitation to the worlds poorest communities. So not only did their pop up container-on-the-beach make sales, it created positive world-wide publicity that they were associated with this great charity.

Start-up companies benefit from a shipping container pop up too – especially with cost. Lower costs mean reduced risk, and still a high level of buzz generating from the shop. Want to make the move from online shop to storefront? A container means you can take a low risk, quick approach to market testing and selling in new or trialled locations.

Don’t forget – Where to put the container

Got the container, but not sure what to do next, or where to put it? Shipping containers on the side of the road (especially on empty land) catches the eye, sparking conversation in cars and is a great advertisement for any sort of product. Also getting away from other businesses, especially other competitors, is always a great way to guarantee your product gets more exposure!

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