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How to turn your Shipping Container into something more than Storage

by Container Traders

How to turn your Shipping Container into something more than Storage How to turn your Shipping Container into something more than Storage

Have you purchased a shipping container for storage that’s no longer needed? Or do you have a container sitting empty, but don’t want to let go of your investment? Along with the usual benefits of a shipping container, like being portable, flexible, watertight, and low maintenance; shipping containers are so easily transformed into new ideas – whether by professionals or DIY work. We have put together for you a few ideas on how to turn your Shipping Container into more than just an empty box for storage, and create a space that’s needed or wanted in your household. There’s also a few ideas on how to store your items AND still create new spaces, or simply be more creative with your storage, while being environmentally friendly.

Creating a Comfortable Container Home or Office

The rise of the Shipping Container has created more of a need for resource furniture than ever before. Resource furniture is pieces that are not only beautiful, but functional for small spaces, often with transforming furniture that especially suit downsizers and efficiency seekers. Using resource furniture in a shipping container can create a space with many uses – even a fully functioning home. Either having windows, glass sliding doors or personal access doors professionally installed, or installing yourself, creates natural lighting for positive health benefits and increased concentration, perfect for a home office, or small home.


Space saving is one of the main issues people find with furnishing a shipping container, as there is simply not enough room for all the standard size pieces you would find in a standard home. So places all over the world have created sets like the Kenchikukagu (Japan) which is a different series of furniture that is mobile, small in the amount of space they take and include a fully functioning kitchen and work space with lighting. Other examples of this sort of furniture include bunk beds that fold and site flat against a wall, and small tables that have chairs which fit exactly beneath the table top to be easily hidden.

Craft Stall Studio or Shop in the backyard

Small businesses can be quite expensive to set up, however using a shipping container that is already owned or even on your property can save you a majority of the funds traditionally used to rent, or buy, and continually save you money too. The decoration or fit-out can be very similar to creating a home or office, by using the functional resource furniture and natural lighting – and depending on the kind of studio or shop you’re after, a work space. Because containers are so flexible with layout, and what they can accept (anything from specialised doors or windows to full electrical fit outs), you can turn a shipping container into any kind of work or craft station needed. Superficial changes like painting and decorating make sure that the container will fit into your brand, no matter the style.

Large Format Advertising

One of the best ways to advertise to a large group – with a large sign. Shipping containers are the perfect billboard for your business. Able to be placed anywhere, and not be moved at all until you decide to, a container is an excellent advertisement especially on the sides of roads. There are two main options when it comes to using a shipping container to advertise – you could potentially paint a logo, slogan or the entire container; or use printed canvas or mesh and attach it to rope or welded edges to wrap around the container.

Environmentally friendly Green Roof

A green roof can maximise the use of otherwise wasted roof space, while establishing a vegetable garden if wanted, wildlife habitats or simply beautiful flowers and greenery. Establishing plants on a roof can bring not only improved scenery, a home for nature and animals, but also improve air quality, make rooms cooler and more comfortable while absorbing rainfall and reducing the burden on waste water infrastructure. Again, this is the kind of project that can be organised or completed through a professional company or DIY.

Container Shelter

For the ultimate shelter storage space, you can’t go past Container Traders Rural Container Sheds, who’s flexible design allows for the choice of inside or outside mount, giving you the choice of either a shelter between your shipping containers or to cover both containers under the shelter space to protect them from the elements. They blend beautifully in with existing buildings or landscapes, with the choice of standard Zincalume roofing, or our premium range of Colourbond colours. You can even close in one or both ends of the sheltered area – ask out team about our End wall options. The Rural Container Shed range is designed to mount on either 6m (20 foot) and 12m (40 foot) Shipping Containers, either standard height or high cube.

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