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How To: Live remotely anywhere in Australia

by Container Traders

How To: Live remotely anywhere in Australia How To: Live remotely anywhere in Australia

With the current way of life revolving increasingly around the digital nomad, there is a simple answer to the stirring question – how to live remotely anywhere in Australia; and that answer is: Shipping Containers. Shipping Containers have become the most easily modifiable accommodation, with the ability to be totally self sufficient after the initial adjusting and setup of the container. On the other hand, if you are simply after an affordable place to live and work in the location of your own choosing, then shipping containers are definitely the way to go!

The ability to deliver by truck, train, or even by ship anywhere in Australia is a key feature of the service you will get from Container Traders – and something that you need to consider well, before living remotely. This process is especially helped by any modifications which are straightforwardly completed offsite as per your specifications, then delivered straight to site – and unpacked ready to use. The relative ease of this process really helps anyone who decides they want to live or work remotely.

With wide coverage areas for phone and internet these days and the options to install generators for electricity; or solar pumps for water usage; there are an enormous variety of options for locations to place any sort of shipping container, however the most commonly used for these situations is either a 20 foot or 40-foot container.

In a 40-foot container, you have the ability to really create a space that includes all the features needed to make a home living area. Even though you may be a remote worker or freelancer, you still need a home base and relaxing area as well as general amenities. On the left you can see an example layout for a 40 foot container that includes a bedroom with walk in robe, living area, dining and work space combined, kitchen area and bathroom. Again, we can help you to lay out the modifications you require to create your dream space! Simply call 1300 89 89 70 to talk to one of our specialists today!

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