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How to create a Workshop from a Shipping Container

by Container Traders

How to create a Workshop from a Shipping Container How to create a Workshop from a Shipping Container

One of the main features of a shipping container is that they’re so easily customisable they can be turned into an object for so many different uses. One of the most common modifications that is requested is to convert a container into a functional workshop. But what is actually involved in this?

Your input

The first point of starting is your idea – detailing exactly what it is that you want. Think about what you need the workshop for specifically – a good idea is to run through the typical work you or others will be completing inside the workshop. By doing this, you can ensure that the placement of any accessories will be correct and helpful. It is best to have this idea of yours – or at least what you will be using the workshop for – detailed before you ring; as it helps our team put together the best quote possible in a short time frame, and it also means you will get the container tailored to exactly what you need for you, your home business, or your company.

What will it be used for

Do you need the container to be mobile, or will it be placed in a static location? The beauty of having a shipping container for a workshop is the flexibility to have both, however if you are definitely going to be moving the workshop around between locations, it would also be beneficial to consider the surrounding area, so that a truck can easily pick up the container when needed.


The accessories you want to use will depend on both budget and purpose – however there are usually a few fixtures that are commonplace between modification jobs:

Benches – Running down one side of the container, or both; or also L shaped benches – the width will vary depending on how much space you will need around them inside the container.

Shelving – With the sturdy walls and corners able to have steel shelving attached, shelving is a great storage solution within a container. Entire sides of shelving or simply attached above or below benches, installing shelves is often necessary for a workshop.

Electrics – All sorts of electrical items need to be considered, from making sure there is adequate lighting; having enough power points for appliances; to putting in air conditioning or heating.

Ventilation – Containers will require some sort of ventilation, especially if the workshop will be dealing with any sort of chemicals. Air conditioning will also help with this however – and so will whirly birds.

Doors and Windows – Aside from the end doors that automatically come with any shipping container, you can also get a variety of other type doors like personal access doors, roller doors or extra side-opening doors to improve access, ventilation and natural lighting inside your container.

The general look of the container – depending on which container you buy (from a cargo worthy to a brand new) you may want to update the exterior with a coat of paint or a logo added as large format marketing wherever it goes.

Do you now want now to organise a 20’or 40’container for your very own workshop? Check out our webpage here or give Container Traders a call on 1300 89 89 70 to get yours organised today.

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