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Heard of Pallet Wide Containers?

by Container Traders

palletwide Heard of Pallet Wide Containers?

Have you ever heard of a Pallet Wide Shipping Container? Well the name kind of says it all - this is a specialised container that can easily fit two pallets side by side, unlike a regular sized container, which is just marginally too small to do so. And while it is only 5cm that the regular container misses out, it is just enough that small businesses and large companies alike turn to Pallet Wide containers to transport their goods. palletwide

With 172 square cubic feet within the container for storage, it’s no wonder they do use these containers - not only does it pack more inside for storage, but they’re also in turn saving time and therefore money by not having to shuffle or move around pre-pallet-packed goods before and after loading and unloading! A forklift acts much quicker, allowing easier handling of the pallets and items, and larger chain companies have jumped on these benefits for goods transportation.


Not only is the storage and handling great, but the options available for a Pallet Wide are that of a regular container - nearly endless. Choosing from the most commonly used, 20’ or 40’ lengths, and either general purpose or high cube height, you can also select from a variety of colours to paint the inside or outside of your container. And don’t forget, every other modification is still available too! Inbuilt shelving, clothing racks or hooks can often be beneficial to use with the normal pallet wide container.


So if you own a business that requires shipping palletised or regular goods around Australia, or your looking for a way to transport your pallets, what are you waiting for?

Call Container Traders today on 1300 89 89 70 to have one of our friendly team give you more information on our Pallet Wide Shipping Containers!

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