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‘Glamtainers’ Luxury Stays in Converted Containers

by Container Traders

Glamtainer - Shipping Container home ‘Glamtainers’ Luxury Stays in Converted Containers

The growing trend toward shipping container accommodation

Glamtainer - Shipping Container home

You’ll no doubt know that shipping containers are increasingly being used for purposes other than shipping and storage. They’re popping up everywhere and consistently gaining popularity due to their cost-effectiveness, convenience and practicality. In the past, container conversions were more commonly used in construction for private use. Recently, we’ve seen an emerging trend toward using converted shipping containers for temporary accommodation. Likely due to financial incentive and yield potential, now more than ever, converted container accommodation options are boasting increased accessibility, with placements arising in big brand, main stream holiday parks and resorts. Speaking of, a so called ‘Glamtainer’ being introduced by NRMA lets guests enjoy all the creature comforts of a luxury hotel room, with the convenience, cost reductions and transportability of a re-purposed shipping container.

Unveiled for the upcoming summer holiday season, and eventually being relocated for a snow season, NRMA’s new ‘Glamtainers’ are constructed using two 20ft shipping containers that have been tastefully converted into luxury tiny homes. Complete with a queen size bed, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor bathtub and indoor fireplace (when it gets a bit cooler), these converted containers offer supreme comfort for couples and families. They’ve been completely transformed from the humble steel boxes they originated as, only recognisable when viewed from the outside. The container homes include a small outdoor deck area which extends the space even further and offers greater functionality and satisfaction for guests.

Judging by the images, we doubt anyone would reject a stay in one of these stunning container conversions, however, the internal design, luxurious amenities and overall comfort are only part of the benefit of these innovative living spaces. Arguably the most practical feature, the ease of transportation makes these containers more than worthy investments. In an industry that is characterised by intense seasonality, with fluctuations in visitation rates depending heavily on the weather, being able to easily ship your accommodation to a destination with more desirable conditions is a feature whose overall benefit is likely to be unsurpassed.

If you’re like us and learning about this ‘Glamtainer’ has inspired you to create your own, either as an investment or a personal living space, Container Traders is happy to help. We have a huge amount of experience in container conversion and modification and our team is always ready to assist. Get in touch today and learn about the modifications on offer and how we can help you create your dream space for less. Alternatively, check out the number of other container accommodation options you can build.

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