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Fundamental Features of Container Conversions

by Container Traders

Fundamental Features of Container Conversions Fundamental Features of Container Conversions

With any shipping container conversion, there are some inherent characteristics that carry to all the different types of adaptations, and some that only work with specific functionalities. Each container conversion will obviously depend on the function needed from the container, and the budget limitations for the job – but what else? We’ve broken down the options for you to gauge what you’ll need for your next conversion.

Container grading and how it affects you

The grade of a container will greatly influence the outcome of your modification – and this can be in both a good or bad way. Picking the right grade of container to begin with is the very first starting point for your conversion as it creates the foundation for your modification. Talking to a Container Trader Shipping Container Specialist can help you to find the best container to create a structurally sound dwelling, and they will be able to guide you into selecting the correct grade for your adaptation. For instance, it will mainly come down to preference, but building with or stacking cargo worthy shipping containers will not look as appealing as brand-new containers – because of the surface rust and dents, however both would be structurally sound.

Which areas are dependent on what function?

Figuring out a proper design plan for the modifications is especially important – not just to get an indicative quote but also so you can properly prepare for the containers function. For example – a commercial kitchen will have an entirely different set of needs and requirements than a regular office space conversion, or an ablution block. So, planning out what you will be needing from the modifications and where will not only save you a lot of time, but also money and energy. Decide first, where you a looking at placing all your necessities, then run this past your shipping container specialist. Together you’ll be able to smooth out a definite plan for the retrofit, taking into consideration both what you want, and what you may not have thought of yet.

Putting your amenities where they’re needed

The world is your oyster regarding where you can put your features and facilities. Again – these features will depend on what you are using the container for, what you want, and what your budget is, but the list is near endless. Here are some of the great ideas to put in your container:

  • Doors – Personal Access Doors, Roller Doors or Sliding Doors
  • Windows – Small or large, Sliding or Security Shutters
  • Electrical Fit outs – Hardwired or Caravan Plug, PowerPoints, Lighting, Telephone & Internet Lines
  • Heating or Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing – Water or Toilet Facilities
  • Insulation – and possibly interior walls
  • Ventilation and Whirlybirds
  • Custom Painting – interior and exterior
  • Flooring


By following this detail – and calling your own Shipping Container Specialist on 1300 89 89 70, you too can have wonderfully modified shipping container exact to your specifications, at the right price. So call today!

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