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Creating a Shipping Container Interior

by Container Traders

img_1_1463652277_9a645070331306bebabcf0e42b17edea Creating a Shipping Container Interior

We often talk about the many advantages of modifying a shipping container - for all the different aspects of residential and commercial use, however often the thought of the interior for actual use is only lightly touched on. Why is it important to modify the interior of your container to suit its use? Many work, office or industrial spaces don’t believe they need a highly designed space, and those with only a small to no budget don't believe they would be able to achieve the design that they dream of, but often there is a way around every budgeting hurdle - the real issue is inspiration, understanding and development.


Shipping containers have so many adaptable features that can be exploited by the use of good design or planning - and we believe that you can create this on any budget. Some of the shipping containers best features don’t need any further help - like their strength and durability, the ability to ship them anywhere around Australia without fuss to any specific location, or that using them is environmentally friendly through recycling a sustainable material. However other features, while originally thought to be superficial, create a comforting surround that can increase productivity and general happiness or wellbeing.


Creating a fully independent and well-designed space may be daunting, but also well worth the trial. Using tactile design, or trying to create a design to convey a feeling, can help extremely well in cases of using a container as the bones of a room. Using natural surface and textiles, like timber, in or around the container is well documented to create a “warm, cozy feeling” that strays very far from the sterile surroundings of metal and plastic. Studies at Canberra University have found that using “one of the world’s oldest materials can promote similar physiological and psychological benefits to spending time amongst nature. Not only could it help boost work satisfaction, it can increase productivity, concentration, clarity, confidence and optimism.” Some ways in which to incorporate this into a shipping container modification could possibly include:

- Natural lighting! It can provide a more alert response within humans from an increase in oxygen, or the increased melatonin from simply being near natural lighting. Shipping containers do come with two double doors at one end, but they have many standard modifications, such as all type of windows (any shape or size, and also security windows), and many types of doors, such as personal access doors, roller doors, sliding doors or glass doors. 

- Using natural design elements in styling, such as pot plants, hanging plants or even vertical gardens if you’re trying to to save on space.

- Using timber, or wooden textiles, or even covering internal spaces in wood or wood look lining, for instance, floorboards, or lining the walls or ceiling - or both, like the container above made from a Bavarian company! The key in most areas is balance.

Play with texture and colour, and have a look at different interior ideas - remembering that if you have the idea, Container Traders can bring it to life! Just call the team on 1300 89 89 70.

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