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Creating a Workshop from a Shipping Container: Part 2

by Container Traders

We’re looking at how shipping containers are perfectly ideal for workshop conversions.

Creating a Workshop from a Shipping Container: Part 2 Creating a Workshop from a Shipping Container: Part 2

Previously, we have looked into the way you could go about creating your own shipping container workshop, what you would need to look into beforehand and the accessories that could be included – and today we’re looking at how shipping containers are perfectly ideal for workshop conversions.


There are quite a few characteristics of containers that lend themselves to a workshop, some you may have already realised, some you might not have. As previously mentioned, the modifications options are near endless with a shipping container – if you can think it, Container Traders can make it happen! From a simple bench to a full electrical fit out, or flooring to lighting, whatever it is, we have you covered. Here are a few more:

They’re built to last

All shipping containers are built to last – made from Cor-ten Steel, which was a group of steels developed to resist atmospheric corrosion better than any other steel. Shipping containers being made from this steel means they handle the journey out of Asia and across the salty seas without being weakened or tarnished and continue to be wind and watertight for your use.

They’re unbelievably portable

Container Traders can get a container to you anytime, anywhere, around Australia. Not only because we have one of the best freight systems in Australia, but also because shipping containers have a variety of ways they can be easily shipped – from the different types of truck like tilt trays, side loaders and Hi-Abs, but also by rail or sea.

You can Tetris

Containers are designed to be stacked – with the cast corners of each container taking most of the load above, you can have double the storage required without taking up valuable space on the ground. Stairs and scaffolding can always be added to have accessibility to your double storage area, or two-story workshop.

And they’re actually affordable

The type of container you want or need to buy or hire will always affect the cost – however the cost of a shipping container will always be considerably cheaper than using traditional building materials to make a workshop – and with the added incentive of it already being made, so no waiting!

Are you still looking to buy a shipping container to modify into you’re very own workshop? Give Container Traders a call today on 1300 89 89 70 and we will find the best container fit for you!

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