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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space with Rural Container Sheds

by Container Traders

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space with Rural Container Sheds Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space with Rural Container Sheds

When you’re trying to create the best outdoor space that you can, look no further than the Rural Container Shed. These sheds, available in so many sizes, materials and colours are fully customisable – so they will always be able to fit into the area you have convenient. But what are they? And how do you pick the best size/material/colour combination for you?

What kind of style suits your needs?

Rural Container Sheds come in two main styles – Inside or Outside mounted – and both apply to different situations. As you can see in the image below, and inside mounted Rural Container Shed gives you more space between the containers, to put wider objects, however the outside mounted version can fit into a more narrow space, and still give you storage on top of the container, between it’s roof and the awning, for secure storage of smaller objects.

And the space available in the sizing!

With the different variables comes many sizes – the Rural Container Shed fits both the 20 ft (6m) or 40 ft (12m) High Cube or General Purpose containers. By deciding on the length you need (20 ft or 40ft), and then the height (General Purpose or High Cube) – you will be able to see the empty storage space available. For instance, an outside mounted Rural Container Shed will give you 5.9m between the containers however the inside mount will give you a whopping 10.5m!

Choose your colour, any colour

The Rural Container sheds (and the containers) can all be painted to better suit the scheme – to blend in or stand out. A full range of Colourbond colours are available from Container Traders, simply mention it when you’re enquiring and we can organise this for you!

The modifications are endless

Between all the features listed above – you can also choose to have an Endwall installed – a large end wall piece to totally section off the end wall between the containers, fitted to the shape of the roof. And then there are the modifications to the containers themselves – choosing to increase security with lock boxes; install roll up and/or personnel doors; insulation and/or flooring; lighting and electrical packages; shelving; heat and/or A/C units depending on the climate; exhaust fans, side vents and/or whirly birds; and windows. Any combination of these modifications could ensure you a perfect guests entertaining area, or a fully covered outdoor office.

And what uses do all these options cover? 

From the previously mentioned guest outdoor entertaining area, or secluded but fully functioning office, the Rural Container Shed and not just the container by itself means that your chosen space will have a perfect covered outdoor section too, protected from the elements. The concept is basic, and highly affordable. Use one container for your wet areas (bathroom and kitchen area) and the other for sleeping and recreation. Maybe you’re renovating a house, and need a place to stay during? Another viable and often used option is storage – or more specifically, storing machinery. Australian farms often have more than one vehicle, and a tractor or large farm equipment – all of which that can fit into the Rural Container Shed spacing.

The Rural Container Shed’s flexible design presents beautifully in almost any setting, and the system we have designed is a complete bolt system, so there is zero welding required during construction. The install is approximately 1.5 days for the 6m Rural Container Shed or 2.5 days for the 12m Rural Containers.

Rural Container Sheds are available for delivery Australia wide! Generally arranged in 2-4 weeks from the date of order, we guarantee our components are delivered undamaged every time. Rural Container Sheds come with easy to read instructions, with after sales support if you have any issues. So ring 1300 89 89 70 today to order yours!

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