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Create a Shipping Container Teenage Retreat

by Container Traders

Creating a space for teenagers at home can be a challenge. Investing in a modified shipping container is a cost-effective way to create additional spaces at home, such as a teenager retreat.

Create a Shipping Container Teenage Retreat Create a Shipping Container Teenage Retreat

If you have a teenager, one thing is for certain. You, or they, need their own space at various intervals during the teenage years. Some houses don’t necessarily have the layout to help with this problem, and with the expense of traditional building costs, a teenage retreat is a pipe dream for many parents – and children! The idea of a space that is only for them, filled with their favourite things is generally something on seen in the movies, not real life. But we can tell you this is no longer the case!

A shipping container is an ideal space to create a flexible, informal teenage retreat. Not only is it so much cheaper than traditional building, but because of the endless modification options available to shipping containers, you can produce a haven for any child! But how?


The first suggestion would be to sit down and plan out where the container will be situated, so you can figure out if it can be connected to any external power or plumbing. This will also help you to visualise the container in your backyard, and the kind of space it might take – use spray paint to outline where the container will be placed. 


The next step will be to plan what kind of modifications you need – and want to include. Some mods or accessories, like flooring, ventilation, and windows or personal access doors, will most likely be needed; however other ideas like air conditioning or heating, electrical fit-outs and insulation will most likely depend on your budget, and the amount of time that’ll be spent inside the container. It will be the personal, environmental and financial aspects of this that you really need to think about, and research with your shipping container specialist before building.


What the shipping container looks like – both internal and external – may not be of importance to some, but of great importance to others. Let’s face it – if the final product, the shipping container retreat, is not inviting or homely, it may not be used as much as it could. So it’s also a great idea to include your child/ren in this step – find out what they would like to see, or incorporate into the making of the container to have it utilised to it’s full extent. Remember – you don’t have to use every single idea they come up with! But involving them in the floor choice, paint colour or sourcing furniture will definitely let them feel like their having their own style reflected in the haven.

Creating a shipping container retreat is a great, inexpensive way to make a house feel less crowded, and acknowledge a teenager is growing up – while incorporating all the advantages a shipping container has to offer. Talk to your local Container Trader shipping container specialist today on 1300 89 89 70 about how to organise this for yourself!

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