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Container Hiring - Is it worth it?

by Container Traders

Container Hiring - Is it worth it? Container Hiring - Is it worth it?

When you’re looking at a shipping container, there are a lot of choices, from buying new, used or hiring. But which one is right for you? Well, it really depends on you, and a few of your own different preferences, like what you need it for and your budget. Answer the following questions and you should be able to figure out which style of buying or hiring will suit you best.

What do you need the container for?

Seemingly a simple question, but will you need the container in a few years? How about a few months? If you’re not sure, then hiring is definitely the way to go. After paying the delivery and removal fee plus one month, you will then only be charged monthly for the container, with no hidden fees. So you can decide when you want to stop hiring the container, and simply ring to have it taken away. Or, you can keep it for as long as you need!

What’s your budget for the container?

Budget is one of the most important features of most customers transactions - everyone wants the best deal, and the best price. But depending on the container/s you need, the pricing will differ, as for instance, a new container will be more expensive than a used older container. But after this, if you still cannot justify a large container purchase, hiring could very well help you in the short term, paying month by month, for as long as you need.

What kind of container do you need?

Some containers don’t get hired out - usually the specialty containers, or containers that are modified. If you’re after a simple 20 or 40ft container, hiring is definitely still an option! However if you need a modified container, or want to modify your own, then you will have to purchase.

How long will you need the container for?

Another question that seems so simple, but will have a big impact. Do you need a container for a few years? You might find it more beneficial to purchase. Not sure on how long? Hiring is potentially the best way to get a container! Hopefully by now these questions have helped you to figure out exactly what kind of container you need, and the best option for you to purchase or hire it! If you’re still having trouble however there’s and easy fix - simply ring Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 and the friendly team will have you sorted in an instant!

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