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The Ultimate Christmas Present: A Shipping Container

by Container Traders

The Ultimate Christmas Present: A Shipping Container The Ultimate Christmas Present: A Shipping Container

It’s a fact that some people are hard to buy Christmas presents for. So what can you find for the person who has everything? A shipping container! This could be considered an unusual or unique gift, but they’re easily paid for by cash or credit card, and a gift that can be purchased so close to Christmas – with delivery entirely organised and taken care of for you! With personalisation all the rage currently, don’t monogram a diary - get a specialised, personalised, living or office space makes a perfect Christmas gift - a gift on a grand scale that you can modify to whatever you need it to be. Container Christmas

Christmas Present Modification - The Home Office

A home office is a perfect gift for any freelancer, writer or person who works from home either full time or on the side. A shipping container can be easily transformed into a home office with a few simple and easy modifications or accessories like windows, personal access doors, Air conditioning, a full electrical fit out for lighting and power points, and of course, added furniture. Containers are the perfect home office - they’re easily transported, and don't need a lot of space - especially if you're simply just placing one in your backyard. And the sizes available to you mean you could potentially have a 10 foot, 20 foot, or 40 foot home office in a short period of time. Another bonus is that it's becoming more and more common to decorate and modify shipping containers that there are many ideas and inspiration pictures online, so you're never going to be short of inspiration to make the container your very own.

Christmas Present Modification - The Granny Flat

If you have in-laws living inside your home, and it's ready for that time for them to get their own space, why not buy them a shipping container for Christmas, and turn it into a granny flat? As with the home office, a container can easily be modified into a granny flat as containers lend themselves well to inclusions like: wet rooms (plumbing in bathrooms & kitchens), as well all the modifications mentioned previously like windows, doors, and electrical fit-outs. You can easily insert partitions and walls into shipping containers to create more than one room and therefore are lovely living space. The granny flat is a great idea for someone who wants their own space but also wants to be close to a main house, whether it be for amenities or simply to spend time with children. Any reliable shipping container company will be able to help you to out-fit a container with the modifications and accessories it needs before shipping, so that you can have a fully furnished house or home delivered to your door, just in time for the festive season.

Christmas Present Modification - The Teenager Retreat

As with a granny flat, if you're trying to find a new space which is isolated yet still close enough to a main house for any reason, a shipping container works well - especially for a teenagers retreat. Teenagers enjoy having their own space and being able to modify and personalise their own space, and what better way to do this then with a permanent, semi permanent or temporary area like a shipping container. Similar sort of changes and accessories apply to creating a teenager retreat, as mentioned above in the home office and granny flat sections. So if you're looking for a unique, affordable gift that’s high on the grand scale, look no further than a shipping container. The friendly team at Container Traders is excited to help you in this journey, and all you have to do is ring 1300 89 89 70!

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