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How to choose a container layout

by Container Traders

layout modification How to choose a container layout

Not sure on what kinds of containers you need to buy to modify into accomodation? Or what about how to layout these containers? While your best bet will be a draftsman or designer/architect to help you, you can always investigate the different layouts first to have an idea on what will suit you in the long term, depending on your situation. Following are a few of the most common layouts:

What kind of layout suits you?

The standard L Shape is a popular choice, for it lays out your containers to create a longer space, and then also a great area inside the 'L', for any type of outdoor garden, patio, or even a covered indoor/outdoor room. Another great way to have undesirable areas, like toilets or bathrooms, away from main living or sleeping spaces. layout modification

Square Layout

The Square shape - is exactly as it sounds, shipping containers laid out to create a square. Usually created by having three or more containers side-by-side (which is not alway and exact square), you can also create this by having two 'L' shapes connected. This of course leaves a lovely little space in the middle - for a great little courtyard!layout modification

Side by Side Layout

The side-by-side is another popular way to layout your containers - so you can create larger areas within the container itself, say for a living room, and still have off lying areas, for bedrooms or bathrooms as an example, like in the image below. A great way to have a larger area - especially for more people!

layout modification

So if you're looking for shipping containers to modify - look no further that Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70! We have a designer draftsman on staff to help you get the best value for money from your containers, so give us a call today to get organised!

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