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Butcher Doors in Refrigerated Containers

by Container Traders

butcher door reefer Butcher Doors in Refrigerated Containers

One of the most interesting container modifications is the addition of a butcher door within the side of a refrigerated shipping container. Coming in a variety of sizes, a butcher door can be of a range of types, from elevated sliding doors to PVC Strip curtains or air curtains. Often arriving with other accessories as well, like full electric fit outs and fluoro lighting, these containers are mostly used for butchers or abattoirs, hence the name. They are used extensively in these industries so that any transported or stored meat or food products are sent or stored effectively and economically, especially to isolated areas; to help reduce the risk of cross contamination; meet your local health and safety requirements; and also to maintain the heat or cold needed for that particular food product. butcher door reefer

What else can a Butcher Door do?

To ship or transport perishables is no easy feat - and a butcher door can be the answer to this issue, with the added bonus of a refrigerated container, to help keep a controlled temperature to reduce any chance of spoiling. Consistency is key, which is why these containers are often also sold with other modifications and accessories like:

  • Meat rails
  • Windows and doors
  • Access ramps
  • Standard or customised shelving
  • Additional security, locks and bars
  • Ventilation
  • Air curtains

butcher door reefer

But that's not all...

Made to suit your needs, or the container you're fitting them into, butcher doors ensure your valuable meat and/or produce is transported or stored safely. The PVC, or Air Curtains create a hands free, hygienic access through opening the container for easy manoeuvring, and the entire setup is very easy to clean, with the extra help of being a barrier against material contamination of any kind, including pests and insects.

So if you need help by adding a butcher door to a refrigerated shipping container to help extend or maintain the shelf life of your products, call Container Traders today on 1300 89 89 70!

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