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Billboard Shipping Container Advertising

by Container Traders

Billboard Shipping Container Advertising Billboard Shipping Container Advertising

Bold marketing is often something most can only dream of, without the help of an advertising guru. Reaching a huge amount of people at one time, whether a target market or simply everyday people, is often impossible if using tv or radio, as consumers can just turn off the medium; but using hyper sized creative advertising like billboards forces consumers eyes to view, and simple biological recognitions kick in, whether they like it or not.

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When your looking at how to use large format advertising, look no further than using a shipping container. There are so many pros, starting from the sizes of general containers available, and you can easily adjust your ideas depending on your budget. Buying a container second hand is one of the cheapest ways to ensure your profits will stay in your own pocket with your own large format advertising, as you can use any sort of sign or modification on it. As one of the less expensive ways to go, you could simply paint the container yourself, or spend a little extra and have the container painted in house before delivery. Again, by spending the smallest amount more you could hire an artist to paint your slogan or logo for instant, high impact recognition. And the spacial area of a container side is enormous! Depending on the space you have to place the container, you can own a 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container which could in turn give you 8m2, 16m2 or 32m2 respectively of prime advertising area, where you can gain massive and instant brand recognition with a logo or statement.


And there are so many fantastic ways to impress because the industry is constantly evolving - if you’re budget can afford it, there are other mediums like vinyl, fencing mesh and even digital options to cover the container to create interactive marketing that works hand in hand with social media outlets to enhance customer engagement. So for a powerful and lasting impression on your customers - try a shipping container billboard today!

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