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Accessorising shipping container shelters

by Container Traders

Accessorising shipping container shelters Accessorising shipping container shelters

Shipping container shelters, or rural container sheds are just some of the ways Container Traders can help you to successfully store or cover your equipment or machinery - but did you know that there’s a full range of accessories that you can get to customize them? Whether your after a fully contained area or simply easy access to hold off the wind, there’s a size and accessory to suit your needs. And it won’t cost you the moon!


Able to be removed or added at whim, our accessory options are cost effective and can add real value to your specifications. If you’re needing to have more height added for storage of say a crane, or larger mining equipment, we would suggest stacking more containers on top of each other - easily done by the locking steel corners of a shipping container - and then simply attaching the shelter to the topmost containers. Remember, when altering the height of your containers to advise the representative organizing your shelter, so they can adjust the size of your accessory to suit the height!

Full End Wall

A full end wall is quite simply as the name states: a cover that sits at the end of the setup, which covers the entire end. Blocking out any kind of wind or weather in general, if you’re creating a living space with shelters, you will need at least one of these! They don’t have any kind of access to the interior once put up (unless you specifically modify the end-wall before delivery with a personal access door for persons only) - and if this is a dealbreaker, it may be an idea to go with a partial end wall.

Partial End Wall

Again, as the name states, a partial endwall only covers half of the end area of your shelter. A partial endwall however, does give you the option to have a more permanent structure - if you decide to put another shipping container so you have a U-shape, which will also give you more storage inside the containers. On the other hand, if you decide to leave the area beneath the wall open, you have a space that machinery or vehicles can enter and exit through with ease, without extra help. Want a combination of the two? Try a zip up door.

Zip Up Door

If you’re looked to have your items covered most of the time, and also have the option to have an entry and exit point, a zip up door is the best accessory for you. Starting with a full end wall that covers the area between a shelter and the foundation of containers, two large industrial zips are located perpendicular to the container sides, so when your machinery or vehicle gets close entry or exit, the zips go up and a large roller door is created. And as the wind or weather picks up, the zips simply get closed and you have full coverage once again for all your items.

Shelter Sizing

Shelters come in all different types and sizes, generally to suit 20’ or 40’ container lengths. But the beauty of Container Trader shelters is the sheer amount of possibility when it comes to sizing. We can help create the perfect shelter for you, just tell us what you need and we can help make it happen. Some of the standard sizing, which will suit most applications, include 6x6m, 6x12m, 12x12m, 12x24m, 6x10m, 8x10m and 12x10m.

So why not try to shipping container shelters from Container Traders today! Simply ring the friendly team on 1300 89 89 70 and they’ll set you up straight away with the perfect covering for your site!

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