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Ablution Unit or Bathroom Block?

by Container Traders

Ablution Unit or Bathroom Block? Ablution Unit or Bathroom Block?

Another great easy shipping container conversion is a container bathroom block, or ablution unit. Wether you need to create a temporary deluxe bathroom for a high end client, or a set of economical toilets or showers for low cost housing, a shipping container is an ideal shell to be able to house all your bathroom needs. Creating storage for a personal and practical use, a shipping container fits all the requirements you should have - unit-leaking and water proof, secure and stable.

bathroom ablution units

But how do you create a bathroom or ablution block?

There are a few things to consider when creating a bathroom or ablution block, and one of them is safety - closely followed by security. Safety is paramount with any public space, and you will need to check in with your local council or laws on the public guidelines and/or standards that surround water safety and bathroom compliance. For example, there are laws and guidelines around wet floors in public places, and making them non-slip. Safety is already stable within a shipping container, thanks to the steel frames and doors, however a lockbox is a great addition to a shipping container to ensure there are no undesirable or unauthorised persons entering the container.

bathroom ablution blocks

What else do you need for an ablution unit?

When you're creating a bathroom, you can't forget plumbing! A necessity in almost all bathroom fixtures, a bathroom will need running water, and therefore a water source. Wether it's municipal or rainwater, it will need to be connected to your container and all pipes have to be checked for leakage. Location and water pressure will be the main issues on how well your bathroom water works, so remember to think of this when you're deciding where to place your container. Another necessity for your bathroom or ablution unit will be electricity - the room will most likely need wiring (or solar power too), and if you have extra options like hand dryers, or heating and air conditioning, they need to be connected. Remember that all plumbing and electrical installations or updates must be completed or checked by a professional. This can also help with public safety guidelines! So when you're ready to put all this into action, call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 to help you out - we can source and supply the best bathroom or ablution units for you!

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