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10 Reasons to Build with Shipping Containers

by Container Traders

10 Reasons to Build with Shipping Containers 10 Reasons to Build with Shipping Containers

Why You Should Be Using Containers for Construction

1. They’re cost effective.

Shipping containers are far more affordable than traditional construction methods. Not only are the absolute costs fairly low, due to a large supply of containers in yards and ports across the country, but once construction starts, less materials are used and your financial investment is lower. The floors, walls and roofs are already in existence and the least you’ll need to do is add insulation. Furthermore, because the containers are so durable, you’ll seldom have upkeep issues that require future financial output. Because of these cost savings, you might be able to build a bigger home than you initially anticipated, or you might be able to include luxury modifications that you would not otherwise be able to afford.

2. They’re environmentally friendly.

Shipping Containers are readily available across both the country and the world. With an abundance of containers left empty in container yards and ports, recycling a container is the way to go if you want to save the environment. You’ll also require less building materials than you would if you chose to use traditional construction methods, given the ‘walls’, ‘floors’ and ‘ceiling’ are essentially already built. Furthermore, choose to complete the build with eco-friendly finishes, materials and additions and you’ll have a completely environmentally friendly building solution that you’ll feel good about.

3. They’re strong.

Shipping containers are made to withstand the toughest conditions. Through huge storms, high winds and intense sun, shipping containers keep their contents safe and secure. This strength and durability translates perfectly to construction. They’re ready for practically any site requirements, from baron deserts to hurricane prone regions and everything in between. They’re also able to be safely and securely stacked or joined, so for bigger dreams and larger spaces they offer an incredible amount of potential.

4. They’re versatile.

Shipping containers are a blank canvas. Essentially just a large steel box, shipping containers have an immense amount of potential when it comes to design and construction. Modern technologies mean the containers can be modified to include basically anything you need. From windows and doors, electrical fitout and plumbing, to floor and wall coverings, insulation and air conditioning – the containers are ready for conversion into your dream space. If you choose to go with us at Container Traders, all you’ll need to do is select a container and choose the modifications you want to make, we’ll handle the rest – it’s that easy.



5. They’re easy to transport.

Shipping containers, as the name suggests, are designed to be shipped. This means they’ve been made to be efficiently transported by road, rail or sea. If you choose a shipping container for a home conversion or living space, you’ll have the luxury of being able to move your home with you, wherever you go. Simply secure the contents and you’re good to go – it’s easy. You’ll have peace of mind that your dream space will always be yours as it follows you through life. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to keep converted container, clear it out and ship it to someone who’ll love it. It’s the perfect option.

6. They’re modular.

One of the best things about a shipping container living space is that it can always be added to at a later date. Whether you outgrow your current space by introducing new family members, or simply need more room for storing items you’ve collected over time, the ability to add another container is priceless. Perhaps right now your site is only large enough for a small granny flat. If, in the future, you move to larger site and wish to create a larger and more spacious shipping container home, you can definitely do that.

7. They’re good looking.

We might be biased but we think shipping containers are pretty great to look at. Whether you’re into the industrial aesthetic and leave the container as is, or you want to paint or recover the walls, shipping containers can be made to suit any personal style and design theme. You’ll be surprised at the options available to make your converted shipping container match your taste perfectly.

Luxury Shipping Container Home Conversion Kilcunda

Gippsland Shipping Container Home

8. They’re able to be used off-the-grid.

With the right additions, shipping containers can be constructed to be used totally off-grid. Yes, this means no more power bills. Choose to add solar panels for power and heating as well as plumbing arrangements, and you can have a completely self-sufficient home or office space. Whether you’re going off-grid because your site is hard to access or not serviced by mains power/water, or you just want to feel good about saving energy and saving the planet – a shipping container is absolutely the way to go.

9. They’re quicker than traditional methods.

During traditional construction, a large amount of time is spent in developing the foundations and framework for the project in question. When shipping containers are used in construction, the time savings are impressive. Foundational work is minimal, and as long as there is a flat surface to put the container on, your site is ready to go. Furthermore, the framing stage is completely avoided given the containers are already constructed. Spend some time making the appropriate/desired additions and applying your selected finishes and the space is complete – saving you time and money.

10. They’re readily available.

Shipping containers are abundantly available across Australia. With multiple ports and container yards across the country, used shipping containers are in heavy supply and can be available as soon as you need them. If you’d prefer a brand new container, we can arrange that too. Whatever your container needs, get in touch with Container Traders today – we’re always happy to help. We strive for next day dispatch and can have the container delivered directly to your door, saving you time and energy.

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