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New vs Old Shipping Containers: Which is right for you?

When you’ve finally done the research to realise you need a shipping container in your life – for whatever reason, whether it be storage, transporting goods, or a modified area; you then need to decide if you want to buy a new one trip container, or a used, older container. NEW ONE TRIP CONTAINERS One […]

CONTAINER: The Box that Changed the World Exhibition

Did you know – currently there is a great exhibition in our own backyard on the various aspects of shipping containers, and how we use them? The Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour are running “Container: The Box that Changed the World”, their first ever outdoor show which in their own words “Personalises the […]

7 Intriguing facts you probably didn’t know about shipping containers

They started off existence built from wood ‘Loose’ boxes were designed to ship coal originally back in the late 1700’s; made from wood in roughly similar sizes they transported the coal from the quarries in England via horse-drawn wagons to canal barges. By the mid-1800’s iron was starting to be used in conjunction with wood […]