Does your club need a safe, dry, fast, convenient and secure place to store sports equipment? A shipping container is the best solution! We believe everyone should be given the go – especially the thousands of sporting clubs around Australia!

We understand that a lot of clubs are run by volunteers, and when you buy a container from us for your sports club we will give you an automatic 10% off the price!

sportsmall3Buy OR Hire

Do you only need the container for a short period of time? Why not hire a container? Our pricing starts from just $2 a day!

So how do I get my 10% Off?

Simply call 1300 89 89 70, and mention to the friendly team which sporting club your buying your container for, and they will discount it for you. It’s too easy!

sportsmall5Remember to look us up on Facebook too – once you’ve gotten a container from us, we would love a for you take a pic of the container, upload it onto our page and tag you (and your club) in it.

Why follow our page?

Because everyone needs a box one day!