Tank Containers (Tanktainers) – liquid storage container

What is a Tank Container or ‘Tanktainer’?

For the transport of bulk liquids and other substances, a tank container, or ‘Tanktainer’, is the perfect liquid storage container solution.

With options for between 17,000 and 26,000 litres of total capacity, tank containers can be used for food grade liquid storage and transport, as well as the storage of hazardous liquids and other materials. Liquids can include juices and oils, diesel, petrol, acids, liquefied gases, hazardous chemicals and so much more. Tanktainers can also be used to transport powders, slurry and grey water – so whatever you need to transport, we’ve got you covered. Built to ISO standards, tank containers consist of a main tank which is then surrounded by insulation (or a protective layer) and finally placed within a steel frame. They provide a safe and protected method of transportation for liquids, hazardous or not, and gases through intermodal freight options and offer easy transfer between road, rail and sea. The majority of container tanks have frames which measure 20ft in length, 7.8ft in width and 8.3ft in height – with various tank sizes determining the actual carrying capacity.

20ft Tank Containers for sale

We offer our tank containers for either sale or hire, and ensure the highest standard of cleanliness through inspections and surveyor input prior to distribution. With multiple options for discharge valve location, specialisation and liquefied gas transportation, liquid transportation can be made easier and more efficient with a tank container from Container Traders.

Container tanks can also be modified to include refrigeration, heating or enhanced insulation properties depending on the content you wish to store. They’re cost-effective when compared to traditional road tankers and are primarily constructed from stainless steel, meaning they can be easily cleaned – especially important if transporting or storing foodstuff.

We stock a variety of tanktainers across Australia, with different size options and configurations available for both purchase and hire. Contact Container Traders today to chat to our helpful team and find out more about which option is right for you. You can get sizing and specialisation advice from our highly qualified team so get in touch now!