Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Containers

20ft & 40ft Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Container For Sale or Hire

20ft Refrigerated (High Cube) Shipping Container

40ft Refrigerated (High Cube) Shipping Container

Refrigerated (High Cube) Shipping Containers

With all the benefits of the general purpose refrigerated shipping container, but with an extra foot of storage height, high cube refrigerated shipping containers from Container Traders are the highly efficient solution to your cold storage needs. Refrigerated containers (or ‘reefers’, as they are sometimes known) are precisely temperature controlled units that allow for safe and hygienic storage of foods, drinks, flowers, meat, seafood, vegetables, dairy products and more. They’re super popular for shipping and storing goods that need to be maintained within a certain temperature range, providing full control of internal conditions despite external fluctuations. With a 20ft or 40ft high cube refrigerated container, you’ll benefit from extra storage capacity without sacrificing more precious space on your site. It’s the all-rounded, cost-effective and super convenient solution to your problems. With state of the art technology implemented to keep your goods unspoiled, what more could you need?

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When to Use a Refrigerated (High Cube) Shipping Container

Refrigerated shipping containers can be used for a huge range of applications. Add the convenience of the high cube variation and you’ll be surprised at the range of scenarios where you can use your container. Commonly, 20ft refrigerated containers are used on domestic sites where cold storage is needed, but space may be limited. For large families or family events, a 20ft high cube refrigerated container offers an immense amount of extra storage space for food and drinks, and guarantees guests won’t be left hungry. Sometimes, you need a little extra room and may benefit from the 40ft variety. These are great for events, pop-up restaurants and festivals where temporary solutions are needed. Instead of worrying about keeping items cool in ‘eskies’ or running to the nearest fridge, refrigerated shipping containers can be used to avoid hassle and increase productivity. And the best part is, once the event is over, you can pack up your container and ship it off – its super simple. High cube refrigerated containers are also commonly used for shipping temperature sensitive items to vendors for resale. If you’re a supplier, these containers offer portability and flexibility and can stay cool for as long as you need – no matter how far your goods need to travel, a refrigerated container can do the trick.

Build and Benefits of Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube refrigerated containers provide a huge range of benefits that make the purchase incredibly useful.

  • They are fitted with the latest cooling technologies from leading brands such as Daikin, Carrier, Thermoking and Mitsubishi and can be maintained anywhere between -20 and 20 degrees Celsius. This means your food is safe and there is no risk of spoilage.
  • They’re constructed from the highest quality materials including corrosion resistant, Corton steel. This means no matter what conditions the container is exposed to, the contents will remain safe inside.
  • They’re wind, water and vermin proof and have secure locks on the doors so your goods remain secure during transit and storage. Internally, they’re stainless steel lined; meaning spills and dirtiness from general usage can be easily cleaned and flushed to enhance hygiene.
  • Add to that their incredible portability and you’ve got a full-service refrigeration solution that is flexible and efficient.

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