Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers

Buy New, Used or Hire a 20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers

Refrigerated (General Purpose) Shipping Containers for Sale or Hire

Refrigerated Containers (or ‘reefers’, as they are known in the industry) are ideal for keeping goods in a precisely temperature controlled environment during shipping or storage. Refrigerated containers offer an immense amount of practicality, able to effectively store items that have strict temperature requirements.

20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers Sizes Only

Refrigerated General Purpose Shipping Containers only come in standard 20ft layouts, which makes them small enough for most sites while still providing an impressive internal storage capacity for food, drinks, seafood, meat, flowers, dairy and so much more. With a temperature range between -20 and 20 degrees Celsius, refrigerated shipping containers offer efficient, state-of-the-art cooling technology that is used to ensure the contents are kept hygienic and fresh. Container Traders stock 20ft refrigerated containers for sale and hire right across Australia. We offer next day dispatch in most cases, meaning fast shipping and container arrival exactly when you need it. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about the durable and efficient refrigerated containers we have in stock.

When to Use a Refrigerated (General Purpose) Shipping Container

Refrigerated containers come in handy in a whole range of unique situations. A common use for refrigerated containers is for at home storage of food and drinks. Whether it’s for a seasonal event or you just have a large family and the kitchen fridge isn’t enough, a refrigerated shipping container offers the perfect solution. Our containers fit neatly onto most residential sites and they’re totally portable so you can move them when you need to. Many businesses also use refrigerated containers as a solution to excess demand during peak periods. Instead of constructing a costly and permanent cold storage space, businesses like grocery stores and cafes often turn to shipping containers to solve their problems. Refrigerated containers are temporary so they offer flexibility to be used when and where you need them, and can be packed away when they’re not in use. Another popular use is for events, festivals and pop-up markets. When you only need storage for a short time – such as for a pop-up food stall – refrigerated containers offer the ideal solution. They can then be easily shipped to the next destination for re-use – it’s cost-effective and highly efficient.

Build and Benefits of Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Container Traders only stock the highest quality brands and products. Our refrigerated shipping containers come from leading manufacturers including Daikin, Thermoking, Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric.

  • With advanced cooling technology, the containers are able to be precisely temperature controlled, reducing concerns about food spoilage.
  • They’re made using the highest quality Corton steel so they’re super robust and durable, keeping your goods well-protected for as long as you need.
  • They’re fitted with lockable doors which, when closed, create a completely waterproof, weatherproof, vermin proof and secure unit.
  • All our refrigerated containers are fitted with corrosion-resistant exteriors, three-coat paint finishes and stainless steel internal linings for easy and hygienic cleaning after everyday use or spills.

The general purpose refrigerated shipping containers from Container Traders are the best on the market and when you hire or buy used, you can rest assured they’ve been maintained to the highest standards. Get in touch with the friendly team to find out more and get a quote today.