Pallet Wide Shipping Containers

What sizes and conditions do Pallet Wide Shipping Containers come in?

Pallet Wide Shipping Containers – Size Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions for Pallet WideDimensions & Sizes in feet & metres (ft. & m)
Shipping Containers Sizes20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)
External Dimensions for Pallet Wide Container
Length External20 ft (6.056 m) 40 ft (12.192 m)
Width External8 ft (2.438 m)8 ft (2.438 m)
Height External9.5 ft (2.896 m)9.5 ft (2.896 m)
Internal Dimensions for Pallet Wide Container
Length Internal19.4 ft (5.902 m)39.5 ft (12.036 m)
Width Internal7.85 ft (2.392 m)7.85 ft (2.392 m)
Height Internal8.9 ft (2.698 m)8.9 ft (2.698 m)
Weight of Pallet Wide Shipping Container2,340 kg3,860 kg
Mass Gross Weight30,480 kg30,480 kg
Shipping Containers Available:20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)

What are Pallet Wide Shipping Containers used/ good for?

There are a variety of uses for pallet wide shipping containers in commercial industries or for commercial shipping.

  • Storage of Pallets and Palletized Goods -Pallet wide containers are specifically manufactured to accommodate pallets.  Since they are able to hold two Australian pallets side-by-side, these shipping containers are ideal for efficiently storing pallets and palletized, plastic shrink-wrapped goods.
  • Transportation of Pallets and Palletized Cargo –  Pallet wide containers are useful for transportation of pallets. These shipping containers are legal for transport by road, rail and sea and are especially handy for frequent palletized cargo shipments and large items.  Pallet wide containers are used by many small and large businesses for shipping materials, products, machinery, tools and debris.  They are frequently used in warehouses for loading goods in with forklifts. If pallets will be frequently used, these pallets may be the most suitable as standard/traditional width shipping containers cannot hold two side-by-side Australian pallets.
  • They are also often used for these purposes:
    • Shipping 2 Pallets side by side
    • Ideal for Removal Industry
    • Container Home
    • Transporting or Storing Vintage Cars

Can I hire or buy a Pallet Wide Shipping Container?

At Container Traders, you can purchase or hire a pallet wide shipping container in a variety of sizes and variations. The pallet wide shipping containers available are listed below:

Used Pallet Wide Shipping Containers:

New Pallet Wide Shipping Containers:

Where can I hire or buy a Pallet Wide Shipping Containers?

All of Container Traders’ shipping containers are shipped Australia wide, covering all the major capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Wollongong, and Coffs Harbour. If you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!

What is a Pallet Wide Shipping Container?

Pallet wide shipping containers are manufactured to accommodate 2x Australian pallets side-by-side.  Unlike standard width containers (which are marginally too narrow to slide two pallets side-by-side), pallet wide shipping containers allow customers to load two Australian sized pallets in a container still legal for transport by road, rail or sea.

These pallets are built with a smaller wall profile depth to allow for two Australian standard pallets to slide in.

Using pallets and containers together to ship items is extremely useful and handy.  You can fit a large amount of items and easily ship them on pallets for added convenience.  They are some of the most creative shipping containers available on the market as they can be used in many situations.

Pallet wide shipping containers allow you to fork contents in on pallets quickly.  These are frequently used in warehouses for loading goods and materials in with a forklift. They are ideal for transporting large items, frequent shipments, and for any business that needs to ship multiple shipping containers at one time.

Pallet wides have a few different configurations. It is always best to discuss what you are hoping to use your flat rack for with the Container Traders team so we can ascertain to the best possible outcome for you.


  • Extra wide to accommodate 2x Australian pallets side-by-side
  • Heavy duty, weather resistant, secure and tough
  • Multiple colours in stock

Different Variations of Pallet Wide Shipping Containers

At Container Traders, we feel it is important for you as our client to understand what quality and different type of variations in the industry of shipping containers are fit for your purpose. The different variations of pallet wide shipping containers that we offer at Container Traders are provided below;

  • 20 Foot Pallet Wide High Cube Shipping Containers
  • 40 Foot Pallet Wide High Cube Shipping Containers