Minicube Shipping Containers

What are ‘Minicube’ Shipping Containers?

Minicube containers offer the perfect solution for individuals who need safe and robust storage or shipment options for sites with limited space. They can also be used to create perfect tiny homes, offices, consultation spaces or first aid areas on larger sites.

Our mini sizes include 6ft shipping containers and 8ft Shipping Containers which both boast manageable external footprints and impressive internal capacity. They’re also lighter than our larger containers so they are easy to move, often only requiring a forklift for transportation, meaning smaller sites can be accommodated.

Go here for the Dimensions for Mini Cube Containers

Minicube containers offer immense potential for personal and residential use and make ideal self-storage or on-site shed solutions. They’re great for conversion, too, with the option of adding windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, insulation and extra safety features, they can be used for just about anything.

Despite holding ‘minicube’ status, all of our containers are constructed from the highest quality steel and can be provided in any colour you desire. They boast wind, water and vermin resistance and feature ventilation and wide-opening doors as standard. Furthermore, once you’ve selected your base container, you can choose to add any modifications you need to make the space suit your needs perfectly. Another benefit of a minicube container is its ability to cost-effectively solve storage woes and achieve temporary space creation. They’re also available for hire, so if you can’t commit to purchase, you can lease a minicube container for a small monthly fee for as long as you need.

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