Insulated (Non Operational) Thermal Shipping Containers

What sizes and conditions do insulated (non-operational) shipping containers come in?

Insulated Non Operational Shipping Containers – Size Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions for Insulated (Non Operational)Dimensions & Sizes in Feet and Metres (ft. & m)
Shipping Containers Sizes 20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)
External Dimensions for Insulated (Non Operational) Container
Length External20 ft (6.056 m) 40 ft (12.192 m)
Width External 8 ft (2.438 m) 8 ft (2.438 m)
Height External 8.5 ft (2.592 m) 9.5 ft (2.898 m)
Internal Dimensions for Insulated (Non Operational) Container
Length Internal 17.8 ft (5.430 m) 37.7 ft (11.490 m)
Width Internal 7.5 ft (2.280 m)7.5 ft (2.280 m)
Height Internal7.7 ft (2.348 m)8.5 ft (2.598 m)
Weight of Insulated (Non Operational) Shipping Container
Mass Gross Weight22,111 kg26,120 kg
Shipping Containers Available:20 ft (6 m)40 ft (12 m)

Container Traders also offer upgrading your Insulated container to include a paint job externally so cosmetically they will present neat and tidy for your property. Externally an Insulated Container can present with minor surface rust from its shipping life.  When we paint a shipping container, the unit is placed into our experienced production line and receives a full refurbish prior to paint. We wire buff all of the surface rust back, and give the unit a primer prior to placing it in the paint bay. Once the refurbishment is completed, the painters paint the container in an anti-corrosive enamel for a long lasting effect and then will give the unit a good couple of coats to ensure the original colour doesn’t bleed through.

What are insulated (non-operational) shipping containers used / good for?

There are a variety of uses for insulated non-operational shipping containers in commercial industries or for commercial shipping.

  • Storage of Goods – They can act much like their powered refrigerated counterparts and keep items cold for a certain period of time. Since non-operational refrigerated insulated containers don’t have a mechanical cooling source, products and items can be frozen or pre-chilled then ice-packs or dry ice but they will maintain a cold temperature effectively. Other items that can be stored in an insulated shipping container include; cars, important legal documents, artworks, fine leather, wine, books, fabric items, leather furniture would all be ideally stored inside of an insulated shipping container.
  • Container Home – Insulated shipping containers also make for ideal shipping container homes, offices and work spaces. Shipping containers are becoming popular choices for extra space or accommodations. However if you have ever tried to use a shipping container for a home or workspace, you quickly realize how the weather can impact the temperature inside of the container (without modifications or alterations). If it is hot outside, the inside will be just as hot and if it is cold outside, the outside will be just as chilly. Insulation can be essential if you wish to use your shipping container for living or working purposes.

Can I hire or buy insulated (non-operational) shipping container?

At Container Traders, you can purchase or hire a insulated (non-operational) shipping container in a variety of sizes and variations. The insulated non-operational shipping containers available are listed below:

Used Insulated Non Operational Shipping Containers

Where can I hire or buy insulated (non-operational) shipping container?

All of Container Traders’ shipping containers are shipped Australia wide, covering all the major capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Wollongong, and Coffs Harbour. If you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!

What is an Insulated (Non Operational) Shipping Container?

Insulated (Thermal) or Non-Operational Shipping Containers are decommissioned refrigerated shipping containers. They were once used as an operational reefer however are no longer operating and have been surveyed as not worth the cost to repair. Insulated containers with stainless steel interiors, aluminium exteriors, and a thick wall of insulation have multiple purposes post life as a refrigerated Container. They are of an A grade quality and guaranteed wind, water and vermin proof units, and are great if you need your personal affects protected from the extreme high and low outside ambient temperatures.

Non-operational refrigerated shipping containers keep contents at a steady temperature (The temperatures can be reduced up to 5 degrees cooler in warmer months throughout the year). Insulated containers rely on their insulation properties to keep a steady temperature through shipment and storage, which is especially helpful when you ship your goods a short distance or if there no power available. It is important to note that they are high in strength and capable to survive any of Australia’s rough conditions and terrain. They are also a standard built of shipping container, which means they can be trucked, railed or shipped at ease, and guaranteed to be wind water and vermin proof containers. Finally, they will also be structurally in good condition, simple to use, operational & lockable container doors.


  • Keeping your storage approx. 15 degrees cooler
  • Insulation throughout
  • Guaranteed wind, water and vermin proof
  • 75mm polyurethane foam insulation – which is then covered with a steel external shell

Different Variations of Insulated (Non Operational) Shipping Containers

At Container Traders, we feel it is important for you as our client to understand what quality and different type of variations in the industry of shipping containers are fit for your purpose. The different variations of insulated (non-operational) shipping containers that we offer at Container Traders are provided below;

  • Non Operational Refrigerated Shipping Container
  • Non Operational Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Container