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Half Height Shipping Containers

Half Height Shipping Container Internal Walls
Half Height Shipping Container Open – Internal Walls

What is a Half Height Shipping Container?

Half height shipping containers, as the name suggests, have the same footprint as general purpose containers, but are half the height. They are particularly beneficial when transporting or storing remarkably heavy loads given their lower centre of gravity and enhanced overall strength. Half height containers are a popular choice in the mining and mineral industries, being used predominantly for the intermodal transport of ore, mined materials and other concentrates. They’re also incredibly prevalent options for the transportation of sand, gravel, machinery and vehicles – and have, more recently, grown in popularity due to their ease of conversion into shipping container pools. The containers are fitted with empty load and heavy load forklift pockets, so whatever you choose to carry can be transported with ease.

Half Height Shipping Container Hard Open Top
Half Height Shipping Container Hard Open Top

Types and Sizes

The specialised, half height containers come in one main size, with a few key configurations available. Half height containers are predominantly constructed using the 20ft footprint. They measure 20ft (6m) in length and 8ft (2.4m) in width. Where they differ, obviously, is their height. Half height containers are approximately 4.7ft tall (1.45m). The container walls, given their reduced height, can handle much greater loads than full height sides. The containers are available solely in open top format, with no-top, removable hard-top and soft-top (tarpaulin) configurations available. They are fitted with drainage points and ‘barn doors’ as standard. Furthermore, the internal walls are smooth-lined so the container can be tipped and emptied with ease.

Half Height Shipping Container Open Top
Half Height Shipping Container Open Top

Options: Buy or Hire

Half height containers are available new or used, Australia wide. We source half height containers for sale and hire right across the country, striving for next day dispatch so you can have the container you need, exactly when you need it. Our leasing plans are flexible and commitment-free so whether you need the container for a short or extended period, we can help. To get a quote or find out more about why a half height container might be the perfect option for you, get in touch with the friendly team at Container Traders today.