Bolster Shipping Containers

Can I hire or buy a Bolster Shipping Containers?

At Container Traders, you can purchase or hire a bolster shipping container in a variety of sizes and variations. The bolster shipping containers available are listed below:

New Bolster Shipping Containers:

What sizes and conditions do Bolster Shipping Containers come in?

Bolster Shipping Containers – Size Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions for BolsterDimensions & Sizes in Feet and Metres (ft. & m)
Shipping Containers Sizes 20 ft (6m)40 ft (12 m)
External Dimensions for Bolster Container
Length External20ft (6.056m)40ft (12.192m)
Width External8ft (2.438m)8ft (2.438m)
Height External0.66ft (0.23m)0.66ft (0.23m)
Weight of Bolster Shipping Container
Mass Gross Weight30,480kg32,500kg
Shipping Containers Available:20 ft (6m)40 ft (12 m)

Container Traders provides some of the toughest shipping containers on the market and our bolster shipping containers are no exception. Our 20’ bolster shipping containers are made of the strongest steel and you have your choice of steel or wooden flooring. Both types of bolsters can hold the heaviest weight. You know when you invest in a shipping container from Container Traders that you are getting the highest quality and strongest available on the market.Steel or Wooden Floors

What are Bolster Shipping Containers used/ good for?

There are a variety of uses for bolster shipping containers in commercial industries or for commercial shipping.

  • Transportation of Goods (Vehicles)Construction companies often use flat racks to ship machinery and materials since they can often withstand weather and the elements. Many individuals who are in the process of moving abroad or across the country will use flat racks to ship their cars and trucks or even their boats and yachts. What makes flat racks and bolsters so extraordinary is that they can carry an immense of weight.
  • BridgesOne of the innovative ways that flat racks and bolsters can be used is to create a bridge on properties and farms because they can hold a large amount of weight. If you have a farm or property that is impacted by rain and need to create a temporary bridge over a small dip in the road, creek or waterway to protect your vehicles, you can use flat racks to save money on building a permanent bridge. Flat racks can be moved into place by crane and when you no longer need the bridge, you can easily stack them or pack them away since they do not take up too much space.


Where can I hire or buy a Bolster Shipping Containers?

All of Container Traders’ shipping containers are shipped Australia wide, covering all the major capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Wollongong, and Coffs Harbour. If you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!

What is a Bolster Shipping Container?

A bolster shipping container belongs to the flat rack family; however it is slightly thinner base, and no end walls. Therefore they are predominantly manufactured for oversized items that do not need to be protected from the elements and only need to be shipped somewhere safely. Being a type of flat rack shipping container, they are constructed with a very strong base and have either fixed ends or foldable ends that are made to ship long or awkward size items. Its major difference however is that bolsters do not have any side or end walls, and consists of a steel frame, and a wooden or steel structure.

Bolster shipping containers from Container Traders are made of standard Corten steel and have standard sizes that allow them to be transferred from truck to ship to train efficiently. They also have corner fittings so they can be stacked just like a traditional shipping container. Flat racks and bolsters often ship things like oversized cables, metal sheets, steel coils, wood, machinery, industrial parts or construction materials. Many businesses and individuals use flat rack shipping containers or bolsters to ship vehicles, boats, yachts, water tanks, bulldozers or water tanks. Bolsters have a high loading capacity which allows heavy weight to be stacked onto a small area. They are truly some of the strongest and most sturdy shipping containers available. They are ideal for shipping the largest and bulkiest of items.


  • Certified for inter-modal freight
  • Shift heavy gear around with ease
  • Nest and stack 5 high for empty transport
  • High Loading Capacity