Shipping Container Types

Which Shipping Container Types should I choose

Here is a list of most of the types of shipping containers that we either sell or lease to commercial entities, sports clubs and for residential uses.

Shipping containers these days are used for a number of different purposes and selecting the right container for the job is important. Feel free to call on 1300 89 89 70 or email us via one of our forms to ask a questions you have about selecting the best container for your needs.

At Container Traders we have a vast selection of used and new containers available for purchase. We also have a number of containers available for hire, commitment free.

Here is the list of Container Types and here you will learn the dimensions and sizes that these containers come in and what these types of shipping containers are used for.

20ft general purpose shipping containers

The General Purpose Shipping Container is the most common choice for domestic and commercial use in Australia. After originating for use in the transportation of large cargo items by land and sea, the General Purpose Shipping Container is now used for a variety of reasons ranging from storage and shipment to conversion and modification.

Container Traders supply new and used general purpose containers in a selection of sizes and configurations. We also offer general purpose containers available for hire. General Purpose Containers come in three different sizes – 10, 20 or 40 foot options, providing added flexibility to meet your unique demands. To view sizing options, head to our dimensions page for more information. For a price guide and cost breakdown, head over to our pricing page.

20 foot shipping container high cube

A High Cube Shipping Container offers all the benefits of a General Purpose Shipping Container, but adds an extra level of flexibility and convenience with an additional 300mm of height. This allows for extra storage space and provides increased versatility for customers.

Container Traders offer a wide range of new and used High Cube Shipping Containers. If you’d prefer to hire one of our containers, we have a range of high cube’s available for lease, too. With a range of sizes available, whether you need 10, 20 or 40 foot, open top or side opening, we’ve got you covered. With an extra 172 cubic feet to store items, the High Cube shipping container is one of the most versatile on the market. To view pricing information, head to our pricing page where the costs are outlined.

shipping container dangerous goods yellow

At Container Traders, we take your safety and security seriously. If you or your business transports hazardous goods, then our Dangerous Goods Container is the solution for you. These containers have an added level of security, safety and technology that leave you with peace of mind that your team and equipment are safe.

The Dangerous Goods Containers available come in a number of size and functionality combinations, with both new and used options available for purchase. With 10, 20 and 40 foot options, we’ve got what you need to get the job done efficiently, safely and legally – view our sizing information here. For a detailed price guide, visit our pricing page and choose the perfect option for you.

Outside of a 40 foot Refrigerated Container

Commonly known as ‘Reefers’, Refrigerated Containers were initially designed to ship temperature controlled items by land, sea or rail. Now, there is increasing demand for safe and hygienic storage of temperature sensitive items and food. We offer the perfect solution for all these needs.

The new and used Refrigerated Containers in supply are available in different sizes, with 20 or 40 foot configurations and high cube or regular formats on offer. This allows you to select the perfect option to match your needs. If you don’t want to commit to a purchase, we also have refrigerated containers available for hire – so you can choose how long you need your container. View our pricing page to see which option is best for you and your budget.

20ft Insulated High Cubed Shipping Container for Sale

Insulated Shipping Containers are decommissioned Refrigerated Containers that have the insulation capabilities to maintain a steady internal temperature with no power needed. This provides a perfect option for items that need to be protected from extreme high or low outside temperatures.

Container Traders offer a selection of new and used Insulated Containers to its customers. With 20 foot, 40 foot and high cube variations, we’ve got the right container for your unique needs – just head over to our sizing page and view the range. If you’re looking for pricing and assessing your budget, find our pricing information here.

High Cube General Purpose Shipping Container For SaleAn Open Top Shipping Container is a general purpose container without a steel roof, primarily used for transportation of odd shaped machinery, goods or the loading of specific parts/materials which need to be loaded with a crane.

Open top Shipping Containers are a specialized type of Container, manufactured with ridged steel and usually have timber floors. Our range of new Open Top containers are available in a number of configuration and sizing options, so we’re sure to have the perfect container for your needs. To view available pricing, head to our price guide page and see what option is best for your budget.

shipping container side open

A Side opening shipping container is simply a shipping container that features full bi-fold side doors, with double container doors in the rear end wall. These containers offer an added level of convenience when accessing, loading and unloading your items – or for conversions/modifications.

Our supply of new and used Side-Opening Containers is varied, with 20 foot, 40 foot, high cube, dangerous goods and both-side-opening options available. Our extensive range means whatever your needs, we’ll have a solution for you. If you’re looking for further sizing information to make sure your items will fit perfectly, head to our dimensions information page. Once you know which container is right for you, head to our pricing page and select the most appropriate option available in your budget.

40ft flat rack containerFlat rack shipping containers are an innovation in the industry that makes it easy to ship any type of item, no matter how big it is. Flat racks have a few different configurations so whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

We supply our customers with a range of new and used Flat Rack containers. From 20 to 40 foot, fixed or collapsible ends, and bolster options, you have the freedom to choose the perfect flat rack option for you – all on display on our dimensions page. Contact us today to chat to one of our helpful staff and learn more about the ideal solution for you. If you’re ready to talk budget, then visit our pricing page and see what’s best for you.

40ft bolster shipping containersBolster Containers are part of the Flat Rack family, however, they have a slightly thinner base and no end walls. This makes then even more versatile and extremely useful for oversized items that do not require protection from the elements.

Our supply of new and used Bolsters are produced with Corton steel and have standard sizing options which mean that they are extremely tough and also extremely efficient. For both the 20 and 40 foot options, you have the choice of a steel or wooden floor for added customisation. To view pricing information and costing, visit our pricing page now and see the perfect option for your budget.

20 ft brand new shipping container high cube double doors

For enhanced efficiency and access, the Double Door Container boasts two sets of access doors, providing an ease of access to items towards the back of a container. This configuration makes an ideal temporary office or living space as well as a perfect storage space for items that need to be accessible.

We offer new general purpose and high cube Double Doors in a range of size formats – 20 foot and 40 foot – to our National market so we’ll always have an option that meets your needs. To see our price guides and select the best option for your budget, head to our pricing page where you’ll find more detailed information.

palletwide2Our Pallet Wide Containers are perfect for anyone who needs to transport or store standard sized Australian pallets in their container. Made to perfectly fit two pallet’s side-by-side, these containers have slightly more storage space with a footprint that can still legally be transported by road, rail or sea.

There are a number of formats on offer to customers. Our new and used Pallet Wide Containers come in two different sizing formats ( either 20 foot or 40 foot), with high cube configuration available to maximise storage functionality if needed by the customer. If you want to view our pricing options and cost guides, visit our pricing page for more information.