Shipping Container Shelters 12x24m

shipping container shelter

Shipping Container Shelter 12 x 24m

Shipping Container Shelters are a sturdy alternative to manufactured shelters. Shelters are attached to your already existing or new shipping containers to transform the space in between into a huge sheltered area. All you have to do is add the sheltered roof, which is built in a dome shapemaking it easy to assemble, sturdy against the natural elements, and quite portable, and you have 24m of span to use as storage or for any other needs!


  • High Quality PVC or Polyethylene Tension Covers
  • Corrosion-Resistant Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Frame Design Withstands Wind
  • Easy Rail Attachments
  • Well-lit, Airy and Cool
  • Easy, Snap On Installation

12 x 24 m Shipping Container Shelter Uses

The 24m size provides a span that is large enough for industrial needs. Some of the common uses of this size include:

  • Vehicle Storage and Maintenance
  • Bulk Goods Storage
  • Walkways and Covered Buffer Zone Spaces
  • Assembly Areas
  • Crops Storage
  • Storage of Machinery and Equipment
  • Washing and Servicing Bays
  • Maintenance Workshops
  • Barns
  • Medical Camps
  • Event Spaces

Modifications & Accessories

Customize your shelter by adding accessories provided by Container Traders. Some of the accessories include:

  • End Walls
  • Zip Up End Wall
  • Interior Shelving
  • Partition Walls
  • Twist Lock Mounting Rails
  • Guttering
  • Roof branding
  • Solar panels, lights, switches,
  • Locking System
  • Doors and Windows

Why Choose Container Traders?

Container Traders offers you the choice of customizing your 12 x 24 m container shelter in many different ways, ranging from different heights and lengths to different coverings and additional modifications. We provide affordable solutions for both commercial and domestic uses, and therefore if you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!