Dome and Igloo Shelters 12x24m Double Truss


Double Truss Dome Shelters – 12x24m

Double truss dome shelters are extremely resilient shelters which provide a versatile use. Container Traders give you the option of converting your already existing shipping containers into a dome shelter by installing a double truss dome structure roof with your containers. We also provide new shipping containers to go with your double truss roof. Double truss shelters are not only resistant to weather conditions, but also provide a huge storage option for commercial and domestic use.


The Double Truss domestic shelter is available in different cradle size, ranging from half A cradles, to A, B and C grade Cradles. Amongst these the 12x 24 m Double Truss size is a popular sizing option for uses where a huge span is needed. Constructed with 610gsm PVC or 250 GSM Polyethylene fabrics and galvanized steel frames, these 12m x 24m shelters are resistant to different weathers. Customers can select additional end walls as well to add on the dome structures.


  • High Quality PVC or Polyethylene Tension Covers
    Our tension fabrics are fire-resistant, water-repellent and UV resistant. These winning features give the fabric roofs long life and durability.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
    High grade galvanized steel frames keep the shelters firmed rooted in place, while giving it corrosion and rust-free properties
  • Double Truss Frame
    The double truss steel frame allows for bigger spans, variety of height and increased stability against the wind.
  • Easy Rail Attachments
    Attaching the truss roof to your containers is easy. Pre-fabricated rails with mounting brackets allow you to easily assemble the roof.
  • Ratchet Tension Cover
    To ensure your shelters longevity, it is essential for the fabric to be pulled tight. Ratchet attached to shelter hoops provide this needed tension and keep your shelter in proper shape.
  • Well-lit, Airy and Cool
    The fabric covering allow ample sunlight inside so you do not have to install extra lights. Similarly the fabric keeps the inside cool and airy, also giving it noise absorbent properties.
  • Easy to Install
    Simple, quick easy installation allows for portability and ease.

12m x 24m Double Truss Container Shelters Uses

Built with superior engineering techniques, these shelters are treated to be UV and water resistant, and can stand against strong winds. They are easy to install and provide a portable, affordable solution for storage. Following are some uses of the 12m X 24m Double Truss Container Shelter sizes:

  • Vehicle Storage & Maintenance
  • Bulk Goods Storage
  • Walkways
  • Assembly Areas
  • Crops Storage 
  • Storage of Machinery & Heavy Equipment 
  • Washing Bays

Modifications & Accessories

Your 12m x 24m Double Truss Shelter can be further customized by adding extra modifiers. These include:

  • Full End Walls – To completely close off the shelter
  • Half End Walls – Also used to partition the shelter
  • Zip Up End Wall – For easy access to your storage

If you already have shipping containers and would just like to add a roof and end wall to it, these can be purchased separately as well.

Why Choose Container Traders?

Container Traders offers you the choice of customizing your Double stress container shelter in many different ways, ranging from different heights and lengths to different coverings. We provide affordable solutions for both commercial and domestic uses, and therefore if you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!