Shipping Container Shelters 12x15m Double Truss

shipping container shelter

Shipping Container Double Truss Igloo Shelters

Double Truss shelters are also known as Igloo shelters. These are a popular storage and work setup option in Australia because the interior of Double Truss dome shelters is cooler than full-steel shelters. Double Truss shelters allow you to safeguard your goods and assets. These shelters are lockable, weather proof and highly durable. Moreover, they provide great portability too.


Our 15m x 12m Double Truss shelters are constructed to accommodate a variety of use. Superos engineering allows them to be wind resistant if they are of the commercial grade. The dome shelters have galvanized steel structures and UV Stabilized 250 GSM Polyethylene or 650gsm PVC which guards against the weather. You can also attach different end walls.


  • Super Tension Fabric Roof
    Container Traders provides you with high quality, long lasting fabric that can withstand the ravages of the weather. The commercial grade double truss roofing is treated to be UV resistant, and comes in 250 GSM polyethylene fabric. The material is not only flame resistant, but also thick enough to withstand wind, while allowing ample daylight inside. Domestic grades come with 610 GSM superior PVC Cover.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
    Durable, high grade galvanized steel eliminates the need for extra steel braces to provide stability. Galvanized steel also guards against corrosion.
  • Double Truss Frame
    Double Truss frame provides greater stability and durability against strong winds and rain.
  • Easy to Install, With Ratchet Covers
    The pre-installed rail with brackets allows you to attach the shelter easily. The welded rails come with bracket and all you have to do is to attach the steel structure with it, and pull your fabric with ratchet to enable maximum tension.

15m x 12m Double Truss Container Shelters Uses

The 15m x 12m Double truss shelter can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. The following are popular domestic and commercial uses;

Domestic Uses

  • Vehicles Storage and Maintenance
  • Animal Barns
  • Greenhouse

Commercial Uses

  • Bulk Storage
  • Site Briefing Areas
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Servicing Shelters

Modifications & Accessories

While the 15m x 12m comes with roof, end walls and shipping containers if you purchase it together as a full combination, you can also purchase accessories separately to add to existing containers, or to modify existing Double Truss Shelters. Given below are some accessories:

  • Full End Walls – Full end walls allow complete closing of your shelter.
  • Half End Walls – We sell half end walls separately, as well as together with the container shelter.
  • Zip Up End Wall – Access your stored items easily with the help of a zip up wall. Zip Ups provide safety from the weather while also giving an option of access.

Why Choose Container Traders?

Our cost-effective dome container shelters are of high quality and come with certain features that make them more sturdy and durable than other shelters. We provide affordable solutions for both commercial and domestic uses, and therefore if you would like an instant quote, fill in the ‘Instant Quote’ form provided above, or give our friendly team a call at 1300 89 89 70. Container Traders is your best bet!