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The domestic container dome shelters from Container Traders are relocatable shelter systems that can protect areas and shipping containers from harsh Australian weather. These dome shelters have a solid, non-corrosive steel frame and can either be bolted or welded on top of general purpose shipping containers. These dome shelters have a tall outline and are extremely wind resistant. They are well ventilated and provide naturally cooler areas of shade. They are easy to relocate, dismantle and reassemble and provide ultra violet ray protection. The domestic container dome shelters are weather resistant, strong, secure and extremely cost effective, making it easy to modify your shipping container living space or work space.

Shipping containers are widely used in so many different markets. They are versatile and strong and can be used in many different ways. The more popular shipping containers become, the more innovative uses individuals create for shipping containers. Container dome shelters are the newest invention that many businesses and individuals have begun using to create custom workspaces and home spaces using shipping containers and dome shelters. Container Trader provides sturdy and versatile domestic container dome shelters that can create unique spaces at your work space or your home.

Shipping container homes have become a fascinating invention recently. They are experiencing major boom in popularity as creative architects and artists turn traditional shipping containers into unique homes and businesses. Shipping containers are used for homes, they can be stacked on top of one another and create imaginative living spaces. They are also frequently used as portable offices and creative working and living spaces. When they are modified and decked out, shipping container homes do not even look like shipping containers! The internet is full of incredible ideas for anyone looking to use a shipping container as a home, guest house, pool house or an add-on. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you really can do almost anything with shipping containers.

Dome shelters are adding to the shipping container home craze because they create unique and functional additions and modifications to custom shipping container homes. Dome shelters do not act as a home but are very easily become add-on structures. Dome shelters can extend the space of your shipping container home or they can create an entirely different structure. Dome shelters can be used as car parks, green houses, backyard storage, pool house, pop-up bar for the back yard and may more amazing ideas. Dome shelters can act as functional roof tops or segments of a shipping container home.

Dome shelters are becoming so versatile that many individuals and families are choosing to use dome shelters even if they do not have a shipping container home. They can be easily set up in the backyard or over a pool or even in a park, at a school or local business. Domestic dome shelters offer you a cost effective way to use outdoor spaces without much hassle. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways.

Domestic dome shelters make for amazing makeshift garages! They can be used as a shelter for your RV, motorhome or bus. When you are keeping your favorite RV safe at home or protected while camping or on vacation, you can use a domestic dome shelter to protect your RV or camper van from the elements. Domestic domes containers don’t just cover RVs and campers, they can cover any type of vehicle and make for great portable or relocatable garage. They are ideal for sheltering boats, motorcycles, quads, mowers, dinghies or garden tools. These easy to use dome shelters can make it easy to keep your vehicles cool and protected anywhere!

Domestic container dome shelters can turn your backyard into an extraordinary destination! You can also use domestic container dome shelters to create miniature greenhouse in your back yard. They can be easily assembled and moved around to the perfect place to create a sanctuary garden in your yard. They can also create unique play spaces for children in a backyard, enabling to stay cool and covered during the hot summer weather. You can use a domestic dome shelter to act as a pool house or storage area. If you are frequently throwing backyard bashes, invest in a domestic dome shelter to create an amazing part experience. They can serve as pop-up bars, cover dance floors or create intimate dining experiences covered from the elements. Unlike tents, you can trust that domestic container dome shelters are heavy duty and solid and can resist the tough Australian weather and keep you and your items protected!

Domestic container dome shelters are incredible versatile and easy to use. They are easy to assemble and are quite portable and easy to move around. When you need to transport your domestic container dome shelter, you can easily do so so that you can cart your domestic container dome shelters anywhere you need to set it up. The versatility of domestic container dome shelters allows you to use them in many different ways at your home. Whether you want a spare garage, portable cover for your boat or a backyard play spot, your domestic container dome shelter can act as both!

Much like the shipping containers available from Container Traders, we provide top of the line domestic container dome shelters. You can trust in the quality that Container Traders offers in every single one of our products! The team at Container Traders are absolute experts in shipping and storage and we can help you create inventive ideas and ways to use your domestic dome shelters. You will be able to learn and understand the many different uses for domestic container dome shelters and how they can create more space in your, garage or backyard. Our customer service reps have many years of experience in the shipping and storage industry and you can trust them to help find the best container or the best container dome shelter for your needs. We offer competitive prices along with our exceptional customer service.

Container Traders is the biggest provider of shipping and storage solutions in Australia. We can help you with all f your shipping and storage. When you shop at Container Traders for ways to create more space in your home, you will enjoy the amount of options we are able to provide to you. We make the process of shopping for shipping containers or domestic container dome shelters easy and stress free. It will even be fun when you see the many different options you have available to you! You may be uncertain as to what your storage and shipping needs or exactly what type of shipping container or domes container dome shelter you may need for your home because there are so many to choose from! That is when you can turn to the experts at Container Traders. We will carefully asses your shipping and storage need and then present you with several available solutions that we have for excellent prices. When you know which type of shipping container or domestic container dome shelter you may need, we will show you a wide variety of containers that will best fit your budget and your needs. Every single one of our shipping containers is extremely durable, versatile and excellent maintained. Container Traders offers fast and efficient delivery of your shipping container or your domestic container dome shelter. We have several locations all around the country and so we are able to deliver your shipping container or domestic dome container quickly and at your convenience. Once you realize how extraordinarily diverse and creative the options of shipping containers and domestic containers dome shelters are, you will never want to use anything else for shipping, storage or to create unique spaces at your home or office ever again!

Domestic container dome shelters help you to create absolutely amazing spaces at your home or in your yard. You can rely on the quality and strength of the domestic container dome shelters. These versatile structures will transform any area, making it cooler and more enjoyable to relax in and spend time in. The shipping container industry continues to evolve with innovative and creative structures that are used for a variety of purposes. You will be able to come to Container Traders to find the newest, most fully featured, most secure and technologically advanced domes container dome shelters available on the market today! When you are looking for an innovative way to use shipping containers or container dome shelters, it is essential you come to the leading provider of shipping and storage solutions in all of Australia: Container Traders. Trust our expert customer service representatives to provide you with a unique and sturdy shipping container or domestic container dome shelter at an amazing price and with the signature high quality strength that Container Traders is known for. Begin to create a unique storage or extra space solution at your home today with quality domestic container dome shelter available from Container Traders!