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What is a Switch room Container?

A switch room or control room is the electrical heart of a worksite, and the electrical equipment, technology, and sensitive controls it holds are vital to successfully running a business. Shipping containers are very sturdily built and they can be used for a variety of different purposes.

They are a great option for a switchroom on a job site. Switch room containers can be custom built for the on-site testing of electrical equipment and it provides a temperature controlled environment for electrical equipment that needs to be monitored.

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Solid Environmentally Friendly Construction

Switch room containers are built from Australian galvanized steel that has been tested to last up to twenty five years under the destructive weather conditions at sea. You can purchase new or used switchroom containers and they have all been tested and retested to make sure that the integrity of the steel is sound. You can also rent them for short periods of time if you need a temporary switchroom. The steel is 100% recyclable so it is the best choice for companies who are looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

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Portable, Modifiable, Safety Features, and Accessories

The portability of a switchroom container makes it a great addition to either small or large scale businesses. The self pack removal option allows it to be transported easily anywhere in your site or to a different location in the country. No foundation needs to be built and the only requirement is a flat surface to place it on. You can easily place them on roofs of buildings, parking lots or remote areas like mining sites, construction sites, power plants and army bases. The only requirement is that there is enough room for a large truck to easily maneuver easily to and from a job site.

Switchroom containers can be ordered, customized and ready for delivery in less than a month. Switchroom containers are available in different sizes and there are many switchroom container modifications and accessories available to suit the needs of any business.Temperature control is one of the most vital aspects and you can install air conditioning, heating, extra insulation, ventilation systems and air vents to maximize your air circulation. For easy access to your switchroom container you can install an extra container door, roller doors and personal access doors. You can also install ramps so that forklifts can easily enter when you are moving heavy equipment around the switchroom container.

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Safety and security

Safety and security are important features of a switchroom container and there are many options available. You can easily install alarm systems and fire safety systems to protect your important assets. You can also increase your security by installing a steel housed lockbox that will prevent your padlock from being cut or tampered with by vandals.

For ease in storing your equipment you can add shelving that comes in different sizes and configurations to optimize your working space in the switchroom container. You can paint the container in hardy enamel paint in any colour or design that you want and it can be painted to blend in or stand out from its surrounding environment. You can also add vinyl flooring to protect the surface of your container and provide a stylish and easy to clean working environment.

Switchroom containers are essential to ensure that businesses are able to store, maintain, and monitor their important technological equipment like telephone lines, servers, radio systems, power systems, and other important technology that is required in today’s worksites. The smallest equipment failure can have devastating effects on a business’s revenue so it is vital that switchroom containers are kept secure, easy to access and climate controlled.

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