Sporting Canteen Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Canteens

Once converted, shipping containers can make incredible food service spaces, and the combination of their smaller size and enhanced portability make them perfect for use as efficient canteens. Perhaps for a sporting event or sporting venue, or even a local school, shipping containers can be modified to include servery windows, lighting, electrical, air conditioning and so much more, the options are endless and tailored exactly to your specific needs – creating the most efficient canteen/kitchen space for you. We have size options ranging from 6ft to 45ft in length, so whether you need a small scale food storage room at a sporting field or a larger servery for an event, we have you covered. Additionally, they can be used temporarily or semi-permanently, so whether you need the container short term or longer term, they’re the perfect, cost-effective option.

Each of our containers is constructed from the highest quality materials and is built to last. They’re wind, water and vermin proof so wherever you choose to leave your container, you can rest assured the contents will remain safe and hygienic. If desired you can also choose to have your container temperature controlled via connection to a power source. This means food and drink stored inside can remain at a constant temperature, saving you the hassle of food transport and off-site storage costs. Our containers are also fitted with high quality locks so that any financial assets stored inside will be secure.

We’re always happy to discuss price guides and further information about unique modifications and how to reap the most benefit from your shipping container conversion. If a container canteen is what you’re looking for then get in touch with the friendly team at Container Traders today!