Site Offices

Quick, Affordable and Mobile Offices

Easy and affordable onsite/sales offices are in high demand for new building projects. This creates safe and secure areas to perform administrations and receive clients. However, the use of a site office is not limited to this industry. Imagine expanding your office space or creating space while you’re waiting for new offices to be built. Schools and government institutions can obtain quick answers to the challenge of having tough enough structures in which to create offices, classrooms or treatment rooms. What is your requirements?


Design around your needs

You know exactly what your office needs. Perhaps you need a space with a table to look at plans or have a meeting. Alternatively you may need a fancier office which can communicate with investors, impress clients and support the functioning of computers that need internet connections. It’s possible to activate any service you find in an ordinary office building. So whatever your need is, simply imagine it inside a container.


Moving around? No problem

One of the greatest benefits of a container as an onsite/sales is you’re not limited to using it in just one place. Your onsite/sales office can move to every site you use now and in future. With their different sizes configurations you can decide on one big enough to meet all your needs and then move it where you need its services.

What do you need?

Your process of creating the ideal office space inside a container is simply to make a list of all amenities you’ll need and plan how it is assembled. You’re left with a customised space for your exact needs. Installations and customisations will include the following:

  • Electric: Of course lights and electrical appliances are vital to your site office’s functioning. Staff need power for computers as well as other appliances. This is made possible by connecting the container with a power source such as a generator if municipal supply isn’t available.
  • Doors and windows: Any room needs adequate entry points as well as some natural light to create a good atmosphere. Doors and windows can easily be installed where you need them. These can be personal access doors or even tough roller doors to keep the office safe and secure.
  • Ventilation: An onsite/sales office in a container can become quite hot—or very cold—due to the climate of the area. Insulated aircon ventilation helps in creating a comfortable interior temperature for all staff and visitors. Vents and whirlybirds can also be installed to create natural air flow.
  • Plumbing: Staff need the use of a kitchen and a bathroom. This is especially applicable if the onsite/sales office is used all day over a long period of time. By connecting the container to a plumbing system a kitchen, bathroom or even both can easily be constructed for the comfort of everyone on your team.
  • Shelving: Any office needs adequate storage space. The container’s tough structure provides ideal support for the installation of shelves for your storage needs and to keep the area tidy.
  • Security: You can decide how much security you need installed but you don’t have to be concerned about the safety of your office’s content. Containers are made from steel which will resist any burglar and even weather challenges such as rain and wind. You only need to make sure doors and windows are secure which can easily be done through roller doors.


Benefits of containers as site offices

You benefit so much from investing in a container as additional or new office space. Just look at these highlights:

  • Mobile: Containers can be built onto chassis so you can take them wherever you need them or you can simply load them on the back of a truck to be transported. Your contents—as long as they’re secured—inside will be ready to use at the new site as soon as you get there.
  • Quick and affordable: Instead of waiting for a new office building to be built each time you move, you can invest in a high cube container and have enough space to operate in, at a fraction of the price.

Your goal is within reach. Trust your site office will work efficiently inside a container. Get one today so you can focus on your job at hand.