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Shipping Container Stadiums

Shipping Container Stadiums

Strength and portability are two of the most continually impressive qualities of the humble shipping container. Add the environmental benefits of multiple potential re-uses and this simple item becomes a versatile solution for a plethora of problems. With the inclusion of removable seats, concession stands/canteen areas and bathrooms, shipping containers can be grouped to create a comfortable and cost effective, portable stadium. Whether it’s for a temporary school event or a more permanent spectator’s area at a local sporting club, shipping containers offer the perfect solution.

A famous (and very large scale) example of shipping container stadium modification is the Ras Abu Aboud statium in Doha. This innovative 40,000 seat stadium was built for the 2022 World Cup and, in a bid to reduce expenses and increase usability, is made primarily using shipping containers. Not only does this reduce overall construction costs and the operative carbon footprint, but it also enables the stadium to be deconstructed, moved to a new location and re-used once the main event is over – avoiding wastage and stadium run-down.

Smaller scale implementation can be completed easily and efficiently by selecting one or more containers and modifying them to suit your individual needs – adding plumbing, lighting, seating and more. The stadiums are totally portable so they can be packed up and moved to another location for re-use.

Container Traders have a range of containers available across Australia, including brand new containers ready for stadium modifications, and lightly used containers that have already been converted. Get in touch with our team to learn more about container stadiums and get a quote today.